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lkearl May 22, 2011
They will not pay me my winings
I was gambling on The Virtual Casino site early in the morning of 05/22/2011. I was using bonus money. It was a small bonus compaired to their usual bonus, but it said no play thru to collect my money. I was watching my money as I played, it looked like there was one play thru which helkpset rid of one of the most complicated issues in online gambling. II was down to $15 and it was getting late so I increased my bet to $5, this is the largest bet they offered on Keno. On my second play i got 8 out 10 numbers bet, it payed 4000x my $5 or $20000. This woke me up so I played some more, about a hour later i decided to quit and go to bed, I wante4d to withdraw $24, 000. Some of this money was won playing blackjack, but the big win was the $20, 000 won playing Keno.
When I went to withdraw my money I was told that by playing blackjack I had voided the terms of the bonus and they confiscated all the money in my account. There was no hearing or 2nd opinion i was just told they were taking my account and that was that.
It felt like I had been mugged, I lost $24000 that I had made plans for and it was gone just like that.
WARNING if you gamble online and win more than the casino wants to pay, YOU WILL NOY GET PAID!

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