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mommy us April 17, 2011
waht is wrong with you people? are you primats( i could not find better word for you) really thing that all businesses that exist are able to satisfied their custumers 100%? i come from europe and i still believe that america is smarter and you guys supposed to be more experienced in dealing with them...but primats like you( i apologize again to call you like that) still live in fantasy. you are inquiring about living, breathing dogs. cant you understand that something CAN go wrong somethimes? i am working wiht jonh for ...a lifetime...and he was (is) alwasy fair and he is smart enought to know that even though he theats his puppies with all the love he carries in his heart there is still room or space or whatever you what to call that, ...some animals are not strong enought to adjust. i can not believe the ignorance of buyers. arent you ever change a clothes or tv or milk becouce there is something wrong with the product that you bought? thing twice before you ashamed your country AMERICANS!

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