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Anaheim, California, United States

Phone number: 800-436-1731


ambria May 17, 2011
missing paychecks
Well, I thought i was done complaining about this low lifed company USACHATLINE... evidently I'm not i just emailed the owner her name is Julia... I explained to her that as of today I'm due 2 paychecks again the first one is when i first started with the scammy company...the 2nd one is for May 6th in which checks are suppose to be mailed out every friday... Well as expected i'm still waiting. I really don't understand this company they make all of this money off of the IC's but, yet they don't want to pay the measly money to you when have worked... Can someone please help me understand that. I just don't get it...I suppose the dispatcher's that are working for the company are getting paid and that's only because they are probably stationed within the company. And they are needed to dispatch the heavy call vloume that USA CHAT takes in...It's utterly annoying to me but, I am compelled to not let these people get away without paying me what is due to me... i'm not a quitter nor am i gullible and naive to the fact: that i am owed money and I expect to get and be paid for the time that i put in to this horrible pathetic job...If they are any more IC's out there that was scammed and cheated out of their earnings please do not be scared to come forth and let the public know about the deceptive practices that USACHATLINE are displaying ... I know there are IC'S who has been scammed and duped by them... I read some of the complaints myself...In which I should've done earlier before I decided to work for them...I refuse to give up until I am paid the monies that are due to me... USACHATLINE you should be ashamed of yourselves to treat people in such a despicable manner.
ambria May 13, 2011
My complaint is with a pso company which goes by the name of USACHATLINE which is located primarily in Anaheim, Ca this company so i thought was a legitimate company since i used to work for them several years ago.Well i was wrong i should've done my research a little more thoroughly...this company will rip you off for your monies it doesn't matter how much it is.Please be aware of them. Yes they will hire you they are always needing people to make them even more richer.If you work for them please keep a log of yours hours and calls even though they have a system for that.But they are not to be trusted especially regarding any sort of payments that are due to you. I started working for them again April 13th 2011 and haven't seen that paycheck at all from them. My last day of work was May 7th 2011 and i'm glad i quit cause they are scammers and frauds..Right now as i type this complaint i'm still due (2) paychecks from them. The first one being when i started working for them in April and the 2nd being my last check.Oh and the funny thing about this is guess who i received a phone call from...Ms. Julia herself which i was told is the owner of this fake and scandalous company, Now mind you i never heard from Julia with all the emails that i left but, she calls me today to tell me she's retaining a lawyer for slander against is all i can say.Well this is to you Ms.Julia if you wouldn't run such a slimy and scammy company maybe this wouldn't happen to you at all. So ladies and gents if you're really thinking about working pso then please skip them.. if not your gonna be really disappointed...

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