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paxnan December 7, 2019
Scam intercepting booking racket
US Park Lodging, aka National Park Reservations (NPR) has a very subtle twist on their website - no place does it say 10% nonrefundable fee for making the reservation that you could do for free straight through the nps.gov website. Like so many, in a hurry, I went through the first legitimate website that came up and read all the details carefully... I thought. On the last page, for reading the Terms and Conditions, the tiny scrollbar is nearly invisible, and the background of the Terms and Conditions matches the rest of the webpage exactly, so what shows is only a notice that they are not part of the NPS system (see attached image).... only if you happen to see & move the scrollbar would you then see the next line in the T&C, about the nonrefundable 10% fee. So I booked late at night, and got an email in the morning that the room I wanted was available, but I needed to confirm that I wanted it - strange, but? - and NO mention on their email about a booking fee! As soon as I saw that USPL charged a separate bill - within 3 hours of confirming - I sent an email and called them. After some delay on hold, I spoke with a "booking agent" named Cheryl who said they could not refund their fee - only the actual reservation holding charge - despite the immediate redress. She would only let me rebook within a year. My credit card will be taking care of this scam. Note that the 10% seems to be on the TOTAL including fees and taxes - not just the base room price - for the entire stay
Cindy22 January 26, 2010
Deceptive Trade Practices
Wanting to plan a vacation at Yellowstone National Park, I did a search on Google for "Yellowstone". The first site listed was www.USParkLodging.com/Yellowstone. I visited the website and found a lodge that I was interested in, so I called the phone number on the website.<br />
<br />
I asked for the Old Faithful Inn, and I was told that it was sold out. The clerk offered to reserve me lodging at another facility. I asked if there was any other source that I could check for rooms in the park as I had my heart set on staying at the Old Faithful Inn. The clerk assured me that the phone number I had called was the only way to make the reservation.<br />
<br />
I ended up accepting a reservation for a different property which was described as being in west yellowstone. Having never visited the park, I assumed that this meant the western part of Yellowstone. As it turned out, the hotel was located outside the park in a town called West Yellowstone, Montana. Even a bigger surprise to me was the extra charge that appeared on my credit card statement. When I called back to discuss the charge and the fact that the hotel was not inside the park, I couldn't get anywhere with the clerk. She argued that they told me all about the hotel's location and the fee which was supposedly a non-refundable 10% reservation fee. I asked to cancel my reservation, and the response was "that's fine, but you still don't get your money back". When I asked to speak with a manager, I was simply told that no manager was available to assist me. I cancelled the reservation anyway.<br />
<br />
After several different phone calls in attempts to get a manager, I finally took the matter up with my credit card company. The website www.usparklodging.com clearly attempts to mislead consumers by representing itself in a manner that suggests it's an official site. The fact that the website address includes "U.S." in it is further support of this fact. After being scammed, I carefully reviewed the site. While the site does have terms, they are buried and in small font. When I clicked the link on Google, it took me directly to a Yellowstone page on the site where there were no terms disclosed to warn me of the fee or the fact that this company was merely a middle man reservation service charging to do something that I could just as easily do myself. In my opinion, usparklodging.com is a fraudulant website that seeks to take advantage of the average consumer. My advice is to avoid the website completely. Don't allow yourself to be scammed by this unscrupulous website.<br />
<br />
The official websites that consumers should use are www.nps.gov (the official National Park Service) and www.yellowstonenationalparklodges.com (Xanterra Parks & Resorts, the official lodging concessioner inside Yellowstone). I learned my lesson the hard way, and I hope that by posting this complaint that I can help others avoid making the same mistake.

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