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TheresaMoe February 16, 2011
Urtekram Henna Is Lousey
Okay I bought a box of Urtekram Henna Powder labeled "Flame Red" or in their language "Scarlet". I find this misleading because I later found out henna only has one color and that is orange or deep red-orange if you have a good quality one. Maybe it should have been called flame orange or nothing at all, maybe just 100% henna. It cost me 200 kroner or what is 35 usd for 150g (5.30 oz). I used henna type dyes before that had added ingredients and had gotten a deep cool red, so I thought that's what I was gonna get from a package labeled "flame red". But the mix stained orange, nevertheless I put it in my hair since I bought it and it turned a bright orange. I had to leave it on a long time (hours) and it washed out quite a bit in the proceeding days so that even if I had liked the color, it didn't stay long. I followed the directions the best I could since this was all alien to me. It said add water and heat. But I looked up how to use henna and learned I shouldn't heat it and should add lemon juice to activate it, and I did that. I dyed it again hoping to get a deeper color. And I was even hoping it would oxidize somehow into red, but all its done is turn my hair orange and wash out. It was SO expensive too. Things cost alot in Norway but this package was misleading it should simply have said red henna or henna.. why emphasize red by claiming its Flame Red? I'll try Jamila henna as the results of that seem to be closer to what I am after. If anyone wants to leave thier two cents please make sure what you used what the same one.. which was pure henna in a box labeled "Flame Red" The powder was undated too and I can't find and expiration date so who knows how old it is.

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