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UNISA - ECS1601 Reviews

RFourie July 21, 2011
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I have been emailing Unisa regarding that fact that no one seems to have failed ECS1601, I studied really hard for the subject and got 34% and they gave me a supplemantary which is not right as you only qualifty for a supplementary exam if you get 40-49% for a subject. I work for a Auditing firm and a few people wrote the exam and most got below 40% but still go t a supplemantary and one student got 38.5% and unisa gave her 1.5% how does this work???? When emailing UNISA I was told " The issue regarding the granting of the supplementary exam will be addressed by the Department of Student Assessment" but when asking what the duties of the Department of Student assessment was and how long this would take no one replied to my emails. I dont even qualify for a remark as you need 35% to qualify, I dont see why UNISA cant give me 1% so I can have a rewrite.

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