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Dancingal22 January 7, 2011
i have today got an sms stating that I have 2 million pounds in the UK Mobile UK Promo. Promo Code: UKMBL . To claim send claim email to
Do you know what this is about. How would these places get a hold of my number
can someone get back to me on
Carolyn101 January 7, 2011
`I am really upset in regard to UK Mobile Lotto. In any country if you have been selected a winner, you are the winner. I consider this to be fraudulent and l am looking to have this situation remideid. This is a Fraudulent text and it needs to be taken down immediately although i know it cant .

i got a text at 6:30 am and it said congratulations you have won 2 million pounds they gave me a code: UKMBL this is very distressing. Whom is behind all of this???. They then chose to go through my E.Mail account instead of using the phone. My E.Mail account was then frozen and l couldn't use it they had tramped with it so bad my phone is broken and so is my e mail i had to start a new e mail all over.

DONT go further be wise and don't text back!
angrynorwegian December 22, 2010
sms lottery scam
First of all! I live in Norway!. Why am I getting sms scams from the UK!?
I recieved this sms 8 o'clock this morning: "Congratulations!!! Your cellphone number won £2 million pounds in the Mobile Uk Promo. Promo code: UKMBL. To claim send email to:"

I called the number to ask why they contacted me...only answering machine!!!
I checked the number from the sender of the sms on google. check it out!: ITs a freaking contracting business!! nothing to do with lotto what so ever!
if u need pic of this sms answer me on this thread.

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