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btcmalls84 November 8, 2013
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sharif5 November 6, 2013
PTA least bothered, it plays lip service only, because it is always the UFONE which influences the operations of the PTA.
2nd reminder of Nov 6, 2013
My u-fone 603 sms package cheating way stop on Oct 30, 13 which suppose to end on Nov 4, 13 I do not understand what u-fone want to proof my doing continues cheating and PTA act as DEAF DUMP N BLIND.

No one have power or authority to question the u-fone cheating practice which is too painful and irk the consumers?

Even the PTA least bothered, it plays lip service only, because it is always the UFONE which influences the operations of the PTA.

Perhaps consumer have no right or authority to ask question from UfOn? That reason still not received any satisfactory reply, what is the purpose of sending AUTO reply only making foolish the customers nothing else.

Nov 1, 13

Customer Dept

Customer complain Section

Sub : Opening letter of true cheating practice by u-fone for sms 603 packages than why PTA role silent instead of protect the consumer

I am very much dis-appointed and regret when seeing again u-fone stomach not fulfilled from cheating profit and when lodge complain to PTA than no reply and u-fone always give reply ir-relevant in order to waste time or consider their formalities to give reply in the shape of auto reply and later replied if they give than according to their wishes no responsibility.

When a consumer activate 603 sms package from u-fone than can send 2,500 sms to any local net work with in 14 days but I only send 1,1416 sms till Oct 31, 13 around 56 % sms quota utilized and my sms package suppose to be end on Nov 4, 13, than why forcibily ended informing I have consumed sms even to my information and record I have forward 1,416 sms still remaing 1,084 sms. I got sms on Nov 1, 13 Rs. 3.60 deducted on sms but when my sms not fully consumed why u-fone always remain hungry to charged wrongly through cheating practice and what PTA play its role or remain silent observer.

FOR ALL concern attention and review I have enclosed my summary of sms which I have forwarded than realized who suffered and who is cheating the consumer? If the concern authority is silent to take any notice than perhaps SILENT GOD STICK is the best way for punishment for u-fone. In 4 months period it happen to me couple of times but I can’t cross to send sms above 1,500 which means u-fone claimed to send sms 2,500 but it is total misleading and fake advertisement which make foolish the consumers.

Why problem or issue when a consumer sending sms and want to avail the maximum number of sms out of 2500 to promote their product or services as u-fone charged in advance than NO PAIN.

U-fone never forgot to send sms when a consumer have LOW BALANCE or asking to get LOAN in which their interest lying only one side they feel pain in which part of body when receiving a complain of genuine consumer whom they stop sms package or charged wrongly due to cheating practice, how long u-fone cheating practice will continues and who support them.

U-fone is not No.1 in cell net work or leading complain in Pakistan but should be remember and never forgotable due to its cheating practice.

Even lodge complain with Wafaqi Mohtasib, Governor of Sind, PTA and u-fone but none of any organization interested first to give reply which is irking and more shameful no organization is dare to questioning from u-fone why they cheated the consumers and always received complain for wrongly balance deduction or sms package stop even expiry date not yet come, which truly indicate that only in u-fone SMS package perhaps can starts by consumer wish but always ended by u-fone careless team Authority which is totally injustice and who protect and support u-fone cheating practice to be continue but remain in Pakistan till JUDGEMENT DAY.

Now last I request to SECP Chairman and PM of Pakistan as you want to curb the corruption but tell how the cheating practice in cell companies will be eliminate to protect the consumers in Pakistan. I want I must get back all amount deducted wrong by cheating practice in the name of sms when my previous sms package activate than why such deduction made which is too painful and irk me.

I asked to PTA to get history of my all sms forwarded from Aug 13 to Oct 13 in which I have utilized 7th times 603 sms package for sending 2500 sms to any local net work in Pakistan but I have forward only 9,304 sms but sorry instead of u-fone allowing me credit for un-utlized they have deducted through cheating practice and charged Rs. 38.10 in the name of sms charges which is very painful for consumer and shameless ufone have no difference how to earn money no matter of problem.

Only u-fone learned to give reply that according to their record all sms I have consumed but failed to provide evidence summary of sms I have forward during specific period to proof they are right or my complain is genuine than why I suffer, how many consumer u-fone select to earn by cheating practice including ME.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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