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Shantaramswe July 30, 2010
Withdrawl and other bullcrap
Veraz? are you insane? I went with them, and worked with them. Thet called me, was very nice and everything.
I invested alot of money, bacause they were saying, if I did, they would make me win. They made me loose 20 times in a row (and this was their "best" agent") Andy and Martin.

When I wanted my money back I had to do the following.

1. Send a copy of my drivers licence
2. Send a copy of my credit card, front to back.
3. Send a copy of a bill that states that I do live in the adress I have given.

ALL this, before I got my money back. So finally I did, and guess what, I had to really argue and complain really really bad to get my money back, because I don't thin they liked me withdrawing.

The thing of the matter is, that you will ALWAY, almost ALWAYS loos all your money in the long run.

If you don't believe me, pleas send me a PM, and Ill mail you the mails I have got from them.

Remember, get the HELL away from TraderXP, full of bullshit!

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