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henry sanchez July 21, 2011
My experience with The Janitorial Agency has been very good. It has met my expectations. I wanted to get with a company that was concerned with me and my business out of Alpharetta Ga. I tried the franchises, and they didn’t meet my expectations for my company Big Finish Cleaning Service. I felt more like an employee than an individual business owner. The Janitorial Agency has been sticking to its word.
JamesGreen July 19, 2011
Working With THe Janitorial Agency
I’m the type of individual business owner who wants to grow and expand Big Finish Cleaning Service out of Alpharetta Ga. I am definitely interested in doing everything in my power to work with The Janitorial Agency to further my cause.
henry sanchez July 14, 2011
There’s going to be a time when you’re not making that much money. I understand that. I’ll have to work myself up just like everybody else. A lot of people want money, but not everybody is willing to put the effort in or aren’t disciplined enough to stick with it. Character is key. That’s why I’m going to give my children some work. Work builds up your character. Hard work gives you power. If you want to be a weight lifter, you don’t start off squatting or benching 500lbs. you build up to that little by little. Not enough people in this country understand the basic principles of success. The Janitorial Agency only works for those who work it. Nor Cal Commercial Cleaning LLC is going to enjoy success because they know how to do the necessary hard work. TJA is going to do their part, it’s up to me to do the rest.
Bboop July 2, 2011
Total scam
I paid the fees, completed the training and even got an account paying $140 a month. After 3 months, I never got a penny. So far i have paid over $5, 000 in fees and free cleaning. They keep giving you the run around. I have emailed and called and to them this is a joke. Im so angry right now. I borrowed the money to invest with this company and its been two years. No promises have been delivered.
henry sanchez June 17, 2011
I'm pleased
James Smith introduced The Janitorial Agency to me and the thing I liked best was the fact that The Janitorial Agency only took a one time commission fee out of my check but the franchisors take a fee out monthly every time I get paid. I really like the feeling of independence JB Janitorial Services has from The Janitorial Agency.
bruce thorton June 15, 2011
So far I have experienced good change to my plans that I have made plans for my business expansion Danubia LLC. And so far I am very satisfied and very happy with The Janitorial Agency
lucindab June 7, 2011
this is not a complaint
There is a reason The Janitorial Agency goes above and beyond the industry franchisors their concerned about their clients. I saw the difference first hand when I did my homework I decided between the two options and saw that The Janitorial Agency is in this business for the right reason to help. The franchisors only care about making money that’s the big difference. Lady Bug Cleaning Service, LLC wouldn’t get to be independent with a franchise and Lady Bug Cleaning Service LLC is independent with the janitorial agency.
RandyNoon May 25, 2011
Satisfied Custmer
My commercial cleaning company, Cleaning Doctor Inc. is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Fl, and The Janitorial Agency is the only serious company of its kind that I’ve had the pleasure to work with who helped me grow and expand my business. I’ve been ripped off and scammed in the past. So many companies out there are just a P.O. box. When The Janitorial Agency told me to visit them, I knew they were different. The Janitorial Agency is a real business with lots of real people on staff; I know their names and know their faces. Plus, they’re all good at their jobs. The Janitorial Agency is not just a website and a P.O. Box for you to send them your money. They will work with you every step of the way.
GeorgeGrayson May 17, 2011
The Janitorial Agency has made my desire to become self sufficient in the commercial cleaning industry a reality. I wouldn’t have the confidence that I now have with out them. The training TJA has provided has been truly beneficial. I would reccomend The Janitorial Agency to anybody looking to start up or grow a cleaning business. A lot of franchise opportunities are out there, but they're not TJA. The Janitorial Agency allows entrepreneurs to spread their wings and fly; franchises clip your wings. If being an independent entrepreneur is something you're interested in, take it from a successful, satisfied client, The Janitorial Agency is the only choice worth making.

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