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AJWL July 11, 2011
lack of education and lying
Upon touring and school and considering a school so far from our home/state we were under the impression that the cosmetology industry was nationally regulated, so that the hours needed for taking state boards and licensing were the same throughout the country. Knowing that we were from out of state, as a big deal was made of it in the tour, it was never mentioned to us that the required hours varied from state to state. Even if our states specific requirements were not known, we should have been told that we needed to find that out for ourselves. Had we known that our daughter would need another 500 hours of schooling to come back to VA. to get her license or have to wait in NY to take her boards, get licensed and work there 6 months, we would not have sent her to school there. We do not believe that the school did not know about the hour variance. Because of this lie by omission and the other lies we were told, as listed below, we made the unfortunate decision to send her there. We now realize that they would say, or omit, anything at all to get students in there. The other lies are as follows:
There would be dorms to live in. They did not end up being finished. We are told this is the cities fault. We no longer know if to believe that or not.
They taught with "hands on" methods and worked with all learning styles. This did not end up being true.
The teachers were experienced and first rate. Except for the first one our daughter had, they ended up being young, inexperienced, not helpful and treating many of the students very badly.
That they had a very active "design team" and would do hair and makeup for fashion week, the theater and movies. She asked continually about doing these, was given vague answers and these things never ended actualizing.
The atmosphere at the school ended up being very unprofessional and party like and she feels she did not learn much at all.
We were told it was a seven month course--period. Once she started she was told it's an eight month course. They couldn't even be honest about this, especially since we had to budget to keep her up there? Now we're informed that it's not even month based at all, it's hourly. This was not explained to us. To this end, our daughter was moved to a class ahead of hers, for having in so many hours, yet she's told she wouldn't graduate until a month after expected. Now, to leave at the end of almost eight months, but they say her hours are not up, they want over $2, 800. Due to the length of the course being changed on us, things not being explained to us, budgets, and her living arrangement being over, she has to leave. Again, though, worst of all, is that even if she finished the course there--which in our opinion she has, she would have to go to more schooling here to take her boards and get licensed.
We are shocked and appalled that Paul Mitchell allows his name to be connected to an institution like this one. We had believed in the name, as well as the lies we were told. We had thought that our daughter would graduate from a Paul Mitchell school in NYC and be able to go right to work anywhere in the US, if not the world. We thought we were getting her the best eduation in the field that was available in the country. Instead it seems to be about the worst. We know of other students there that feel the same, but are too afraid to speak out. Now, there are large student loans to pay and she didn't even get a complete education--even if she had been able to stay until their skewed records said she was done. She could Not have come back here, or gone Anywhere else in most of the US, to take her boards, get licensed and work. To add insult to injury they want the $2, 800+ before she can get her transcripts so that she can move on--with yet more loans and debt, but at least get her required hours and education for VA. or elsewhere in the country.

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