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JME1 June 22, 2011
I am going to tell the same story I have already read so many times on here...Two Clean Cut Youngmen came to my door selling books for a chance to win a trip. One said his parents lived around the corner and pretended to know people in the neighborhood. Since I have my daughter sell Girl Scout Cookies door to door I figured I had better do my part. I ordered a set of 10 English/Spanish books for my 11 year old. They told me if I did not receive my order over the next three weeks to make sure I go to the website listed on my receipt. Since life is busy (as they are hoping!) I totally forgot!! Ran across my receipt a few weeks ago and told myself to look into it. Again a few more weeks passed and I got a book in the mail and coincidently came across the receipt the same day. The book I got in the mail is a Picture Atlas, not even close to what I ordered. I sent them an e-mail several days ago and have yet to hear from them. Now I am seeing numerous complaints on both names that the salesmen used and the name on the package that I received. I guess the bottom line is that I will never buy anything from anyone that comes to my door that is not with an Organization that I am familar with. I encourage you to do the same!!

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