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MBK Farms June 7, 2011
Horse Training

Thank you for taking a moment to hear our side of the story. We will make this as brief as possible.

Out of the hundreds of clients that Tricia has worked with, there are going to be a few that no matter what she does are just not going to be happy. Due to the fact that this website sells this information to
companies who then turn around and charge us a fee to have it removed we decided to use the power of the internet to just tell our side of the story and let you decide for yourself whether you want to take these complaints at face value. There are only three complaints but other websites pick up these complaints and then start to regenerate them over and over so it ends up looking like there are dozens more then there actually are.

First complaint by Johnismad.

This client brought in a three year old stallion to be trained for four months. The stallion was doing great when the client breached the contract and removed the horse for 6 weeks in the middle of the training session. The training had been completely ruined from mishandling by the client by the time they brought the horse back at the end of the four month session. Tricia had kept the slot open thinking the horse would be back in about a week. She had no obligation to take the horse in after the time ran out. For example if you rent an apartment for four months and leave for six weeks in
the middle of the four months, the apartment owner is not obligated to tack an additional six weeks to the end of the lease and not charge you for it.

However, Tricia did grant an additional month of free training and boarding to try to remedy the situation that the client created. However, this was not good enough for the client so he sued Tricia for all of his training costs back, plus attorney fees. Tricia counter sued him for the month of free board and attorney fees that she had offered to make the client happy. Tricia won both cases.

Second complaint by JBismad

This client only wanted their horse ground trained and was very happy with the service they received until they talked to an outside trainer. Their mare had been mishandled for six years and was not even halter broke when she came in. She was a very large horse and she new it. The other trainer told them that a horse can be put under saddle in 90 days. But he was talking about a young two year old horse that had not been mishandled. That is like comparing a six week old puppy to a three year old, feral pit bull. No comparison. I personally talked to this client for 45 minutes before they brought their horse in and I was VERY clear that Tricia would ONLY
ground break this horse for two months and then depending on how she did, Tricia would decide if she could be put under saddle or not. This client and her husband wanted the horse to be put under saddle, but Tricia had decided that she was way too dangerous for these clients to handle. She made that very clear to them and they did not like that answer. So they proceeded to bad mouth her to the local feed store, put nasty comments on the internet and make a complaint to the BBB (which is not anonymous and failed to get them anywhere). Tricia did what she was contracted to do and she had every right to refuse to put this horse under saddle.

The last complaint is from a student who received a substantial discount purchasing advance lessons. We are very clear that we do not issue refunds for any reason. After using a few lessons she decided she wanted her money back. She is suing Tricia for her money back. Tricia always offered the lessons and it was this student's choice not to take them. There was no reason to give her money back in this situation. This is the only thing this student is suing for even though she acts like there are other reasons on this complaint.

Bottom line, over 99% of Tricia's clients have been extremely happy with her services. Tricia is happy to let her potential clients talk to her past and current clients as references. Thankfully, some of Tricia's clients that go back years and years have taken the time to defend her on these websites.

We always say the best way to judge a trainer is by the caliber of the horses they own and have trained. As you can see Tricia has an excellent track record training horses, including stallions and she has won a World Championship in 2010 on one of the horses she trained herself.

I would also like to thank profusely the new clients who have had the
outstanding integrity to take the time to hear our side of the story before making a decision based on anonymous vicious comlaints. That means a lot to Tricia and our family.

-Kasey Aldridge, Coordinator

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