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blablaness June 7, 2012
Postpaid scam - review and solution
If you'd ask me, that scam is puposed by sun cellulear itself. You see, you earned a free cellphone for 30 months for only paying P600 a month. Therefore, it may be really less fortune for the company. So, as you have renewed the contract, the scam enters. That's where they will be able to come up with the misfortune and earn more than what they lost. Well, its only a self-analyzation. Whether you believe it or not, it doesn't really matter. I just advice you that once you're finished with the second contract, just do not renew. It's better to be safe...XD
dswashington May 27, 2011
Unknown GPRS being charged to account
I had been a Sun Cellular subscriber for over 5 years. Last April, I received a text message saying I can claim a loyalty phone again when the 2-year contract expires. It means I will get a brand new phone of my choice, and renew my contract for a locked period. I chose a Nokia C3-00. Since I have a P600 plan, the holding period was shortened from 30 months to 24 months. So he gave me the phone and I was happy.
Then came the problem. Halfway through May, I received a text saying my account has reached 70% of my credit limit. I was surprised because I am a regular payer, and my average consumption is only around P800-1000 a month. My credit limit is P3000.
I called customer service and they confirmed that I have data charges of P1400 in the latest bill, and more in the unbilled charges. WHAT!???? I asked for a reversal. I am positive that I did not use this service. After several exchanges of emails and 2 phone calls to a call center (called once at 3PM, asked to speak with a supervisor, the agent said they do not have one), still the charges were not reversed.
I have read from several blogs that similar instances happened to them; would opt to cancel the account but since I just renewed, I would have to wait for 2 years.
I seek help from anyone - NTC, Digitel management, media - to help us subscribers be cleared away from this scam.

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