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Ms Frustrated February 16, 2011
Internet Connection
I want to escalate our issue with our broadband internet service. Sine we signed up for it, we never received quality service. It's either we are not able to connect to the internet or after we are connected, it loses it's connection after 5-10 mins. We called the hotline several times, but all they could is to provide us with a ticket # which I think were never addressed.

My husband, ( the acct holder) spoke to a supervisor during his one call to the hotline, the supervisor requested for a site visit. The tech person went to our place and checked our connection and he confirmed that we are only receiving 2G connection, so he advised that we buy a USB cable with booster to connect our broadband and put it the window so that we can connect to the internet, though I feel like it's no longer our obligation to buy the USB wire, but just to address the issue, we went ahead and purchased one, and it's worth 800 pesos.

After purchasing the USB wire, we are now able to connect to the internet, but our main problem (which was our problem since then) was the consistency of our connection! We are not able to stay connected all the time, especially during weekends. We use internet for our business that's why we signed up for it. So, again, for numerous times, we called again the hotline and was issued again a ticket #, and requested for a site visit, but this time no one came.

This has been our ordeal with SUN Cellular and all we ask is to cancel our broadband internet without paying the pre termination fee. Just imagine, with all the troubles that we have to go through, we were never given a credit for the months we are not able to use their service mainly because the company cannot provide us a quality service. We don't mind paying but if we are going to pay for a service, we should be given the service we are paying for! This is not our fault! So why should we pay for the pre termination fee, if the main reason and the only reason why we want to cancel our contract is because they cannot provide us the service that we are paying for!

Everytime we call the hotline, we are suffering from high blood pressure because nobody seems to care!

I called the hotline this morning and spoke to a supervisor, Jane Oliverio and I have narrated to her the ordeal that we have gone through with your company. Imagine, even simple websites, we cannot access! We don't complain often, we have a phone line with the company, and so far we are satisfied with that, but not with their broadband product!

And everytime we are requesting for the internet to be cancelled, they always tell us that we have to pay for the pre termination fee. I really don't know if DTI has a law about pre termination fee being applied if the provider cannot give their consumers what they are pating for.
At this point, I am willing to go above and beyond just for this to be addressed, coz I am not going to pay for the pre termination fee.

And whenever we visit their business centers, they don't know anything!!! Their customer service really is terrible!

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