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studentblog July 15, 2011
illegal and injustice activities by chairman
This is a collective complaint from both girls and boys studying in "Sri.nandhanm college of engineering and technology, tiruppatur, vellore dist".We all students need a ray of light "justice" to be shown to us, we see forth the concerned authorities and other higher officials see to our complaint and do necessary and immediate steps to stop the inhuman acts which is taking place in our college.
Our college chairman "Mr.P.M.nandagopal" behaves very harshly and uses all sorts of rubbish and vulgar words to we both girls and boys.The chairman plays his own politics in this college and no one else should ask or do anything against his rules.Its like a jail, we are not given any freedom or justice of any kind.Whenever we approach the Chairman, he behaves very harshly and will not see for our issues.The college promised alot at the time of admisssion, but after that nothing has been done or no deeds as he promised as been done to we students.

Here is a list of complaints we would like to bring forth to the respective higher officials :

1) both girls as well as boys are been treated as animals her in this college.
2) the chairman threatens students to death, if anyone of us dare to complaint or any other stuff in college.
3) one guy was about to be hanged by a "JCB" in our college campus itself by the chairman, and students who protested it was threathened by the chairman.
4) the chairman beats the students with a huge "iron rod", and he beats very harshly and even give a slap over students face with whatever he gets.
5) very vulgar activities and stuffs are being taking place in "girl's hostel" by the chairman and the warden, and he even brings other civil men and all inside girls hostel at midnight.
6) the students who all has protested against him has been threatened to death and even he expels that particular student out of college for no reason.
7) at the time of "anna university inspection", none of we students will dare to speak anything against the college as we all are afraid of the chairman.
8) the management collect money from we all like anything for no reason.
9) no justice has been given to any student who has approached to the chairman.
10) students if they are late in paying the semester fees are forced to stand under hot sun whole day without taking any food.
11) very low quality food is been provided to the students and some days there will be hardly one or two curry with the meals.
12) even if our parents comes to talk with him, he wont listen to anything and treats our parents too very badly.
13) students are forced to pay huge fine amounts of rs 15000 and all by the management for no reason.
14) no proper security facilities have been given for girls hostel, their life is in risk.

We students of nanhanam college look forth for some justice and we hope this case will be soon seen by the higher officials and take immediate action against the chairman and management of this college.
thanking you.

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