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M Eugénia Cruz March 28, 2011
Non approprite attendance from the reception
The room was not cleaned, the tawels were not changed, while is was unocupied from 8, 30 to 11, 15 and after 13, 30min. When asked in the reception, at 17, the receptionist, Mr Laurent was very unpolite and answered that the house keeping was out, asking me why the room was noot cleaned, that he will not clean it, in a very unnappropriate manner, as if it was my fault that the room was not clean, , not from them. He did not show any intention to try to solve the problem. When I asked for the complain book, they did not have one.
28 March, 2011
M. Eugénia Cruz
R. Maestro Raul Ferrão, 43, 1500-406 LISBOA

Maria Manuela Gaspar
Rua Brito Camacho Nº 26 2ºESQ, 1700-799 LISBOA

LISBOA, Portugal

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