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August 13, 2011
Shetani Savannahs is great
Shetani Savannahs is GREAT. The one person who left a bad review is a breeder who sells VERY sick cats, Heather Goerdt Gonzales, Gulf Coast Exotic Felines along with her mother, Melissa Coleman who is co-owner of her cattery. The mother also breeds golden retrievers. They are BIG TIME SCAMMERS and LIARS!!!! Shetani Savannahs is a very well known and respect cattery with no complaints by anyone else. Gulf Coast, Heather Goerdt is a known scammer!!! REad this:
Heather E. Goerdt July 21, 2011
Illegally Reselling (sick) cats
Renate Remplain bought a F2 cat from me, Heather Goerdt, approx 2 years ago. The cat is classified as "wildlife" and required much documetation to ship from the US to Germany. She received authorization to import the cat into Germany under her name.

It is illegal to import wildlife and then resell it to a different party (without proper documents). Additionally, our signed contract states that cat is to never be resold without my express permission (due to international trade laws) and that doing so renders sale null and void.

The German breeder, Renate Remplain, resold the cat, months after she imported the cat, to a third party without my consent and without obtaining proper authorization. The woman who purchased the cat, Claudia Bibracher, has had several medical issues with the cat. She also said that the cat did not come with medical records, registration papers, and other vital documents.
The 3rd party, who is NOT my client, is now making compaints against me as well. I had no prior knowledge whatsoever about the cat being illegally resold.
Renate Remplain broke many rules and regulations regarding the sale of this cat and apparently resold the cat with health issues. She needs to work with her client regarding the cat's issues. The cat left my home almost 2 years ago and I am not involved in the resell in any way whatsoever.

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