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1002 Live Oak, Schertz, Texas, United States

Phone number: (210) 845-0191

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Terence T. May 11, 2011
The most expensive preschool with the worst quality of preschooling.
Our son's class had a certain Ms. Nikki who isn't qualified to teach or work with children. According to feedback, she made little effort to connect with children, didn't seemed enthusiastic about it, and frequently stood around like a mannequin (she does look like Barbie) or sat at her corner doing her own things while the other teacher took up all the slack. Being pregnant never stopped other women from doing what they do, but it was a convenient excuse for Ms. Nikki to do very little. Is Ms. Nikki even certified to be there? The school has given us a laundry list of stationery and materials supposedly for class projects/assignments, but we saw no more than two over five months. When we took him out after only six months, we never got those stationery and materials back. The school kept them!

For school photos, the school hired a woefully incompetent photographer that wanted payment before shooting - the first time I've seen in any photography service doing that. The school claimed that other photographers didn't work out, but I suspect this one was picked because she's Christian. When I saw the photographs, they were atrocious! Subject's hands and feet partially cut off, subject's headshots that occupied less than 10% of the frame. According to reports, the photographer had trouble prepping the children for shoots. Clearly inexperienced. The photographer in our son's previous school had no such problems, took better pictures, and asked for payment after shooting. But this one claimed to see "Through His Eyes", thus the name of her photography business. Based on the photo sets, she does not have a talent for photography. Whatever eyes she thinks she has, it ain't His! She also endangered the well-being of the children by putting the photos on her website without access protection. Not only that, she also has photos of high school girls in various provocative attire. All are accessible by simply googling her business!

At the Christmas pageant, the school went out of the way to embarrass my son with his complete unawareness. They specifically told us he must wear a sash around his waist. We saw to that, and even took two photos of him with the sash around his waist. The sash was still around his waist when he was dropped off. When he came on stage, the sash disappeared! What happened?! We later found it in his backpack. What was it doing in there? If he had a diaper change, shouldn't the teacher responsible made sure the sash was placed back around his waist. I couldn't help but wonder if it was malicious intent on the part of the school. None of the schoolteachers tried to point it out. He was the only child in his class with the sash, and that stood out like a sore thumb. Was it because my son looks foreign? Or maybe the teachers were so insecure that he was the smartest-looking child with the sash on that he could upstage their own kids and they couldn't handle it? So they took his sash off and made him look stupid. I hold Ms. Nikki and the other teacher responsible for this, though the entire school is also at fault for condoning it. When my son gets older, I will tell him about it.

After we gave 30-day notice to take our son out of the school for good, we found his name removed in every location of the classroom the following day. Couldn't the school have waited 30 days and then do this? They are so petty. Schertz Christian Academy isn't worth the money. If you read this and your children are enrolled here, take them out immediately. They are many schools that offer better preschooling at more affordable rates.

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