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Islington, United Kingdom

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mmbsb June 23, 2011
SCAMMER/Slanderer/via Interpal
Billy Drake or Sam20 slandered and defamed a lady in Southern California for not abiding to his request to send him money. They met via interpal in Jan 6-and he propose to her in February. Accusing her of stealing $12, 000 from him. He supposedly sent her a package containing an engagement ring, computer, a single rose flower and $5, 000 for personal expenses. She received the airbill via email in mid-February of 2011. However, puzzled to why she needed to claim the luggage via customs and has to fork out exurbetant amount of money to pay for such package. She realizes it was a scam. Further inverstigation was made and the lady found out that Sam20 or Billy Drake has been scamming vulneralbe ladies from all over the globe especially Filipina women. He has a huge operation in Malaysia.
So please be careful ladies.
Becareful ladies. When your online pal ask for phone numbers, address and where you work do not give it to them. Mistakes I made. Now I have a lawyer working in my case for removal of this untrue attack.

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