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Renton, Washington, United States

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LSS1 May 13, 2011
School Bus Driver
My complaint is about a bus driver for the Renton School District. I don't know her last name but the kids call her Miss Debbie. I have complained about her several times, but nothing has been done. She screams at the kids constantly, and I understand her having to raise her voice at times because I know a bus full of kids can be very loud, but she screams when it's uncalled for. She does not like talking at all. She want's peace and quiet and the minute a child opens his or her mouth she is screaming and forcing them to the front of the bus to sit for weeks, until they learn to shut up. (her words, not mine) When she punishes one child, she also punishes all their friends. She says, she thinks that if a child believes his friends will be punished for what he has done, then maybe he won't do it again. So she punishes innocent children. Last week, she had some problems with a couple of children who happen to get off at the same stop my children do. When she stopped the bus, she would not let anyone off. She called the parents of the troublemakers and forced them to get off work and come pick their children up at the bus stop. None of the kids were allowed off until those parents showed up. My children were over a half hour late getting home and since I was worried I walked up to the stop and about that time they were walking home.

When she picks up the kids in the morning, as soon as the last one is on the bus, she takes off. She doesn't give them time to find a seat and get set down.
A few weeks ago she called my son to the front of the bus and at first he didn't hear her because of all the noise. She had to call him three times, but the third time she yelled at him "If you're butt isn't up front in ten seconds I'm kicking you off the bus." When I called about this, I was told there would be an investigation and I would receive a call back. I never have. They have never returned any of my calls. The school says they can't do anything about it. I have to talk to the District of Transportation. The District of Transportation say they don't have anything to do with the bus drivers. I need to talk to the Transportation Director of the School District. It's just back and forth and back and forth, and nothing gets done.

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