Reintroduce Cheetah scheme of the Ministry of Environment and Forest - Naresh Kadyan

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Reintroduce Cheetah scheme of the Ministry of Environment and Forest - Naresh Kadyan Reviews

OIPA in India rep. Naresh Kadyan April 16, 2011
Cheetah needs strong legislation to survive in India - Sukanya Kadyan
To: Director, AWD (Shri Anjani Kumar), Vice President of India (Hon'ble Shri Hamid Ansari), Prime Minister of India, New Delhi (Hon'ble Sardar Manmohan Singh), President of India, New Delhi (HE Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil), Minister for Environment and Forest (Hon'ble Shri Jairam Ramesh), Hon'ble Speaker Lok Sabha, Chairman, AWBI (Maj. Gen. R. M. Khareb), and OIPA in India
Subject: Reintroduce Cheetah with strong legislation in India - Naresh Kadyan
Letter: Greetings, ,

Cheetah – the only large wild mammalian species that India has lost – will now be reintroduced in the country's three identified grasslands. The move will help in restoration of grasslands and protecting many other endangered animals there. Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus venaticus) was last spotted [in India] in Chhattisgarh in 1967.

Cheetah will be obtained from Middle East, where North African Cheetah are bred, Iran, Namibia and South Africa. Initially, 18 cheetah will be brought to three sites proposed in the report, “Assessing the Potential for Reintroducing the Cheetah in India”, brought out by the Wildlife Trust of India and the Wildlife Institute of India.

The report, presented to the Ministry of Environment and Forests here on Wednesday, has identified Kuno-Palpur and Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh and Shahgarh Landscape in Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. All the three sites require an initial investment of Rs 100 crores each before the animals are imported in the next two to three years.

Accepting the report, Jairam ramesh, Minister of State for Environment and Forests said: “It is important to bring cheetah back to our country. This is perhaps the only mammal whose name has been derived from Sanskrit language. It comes from the word chitraku which means spots. The way tiger restores forest ecosystem, snow leopard restores mountain ecosystem, Gangetic dolphin restores waters in the rivers, the cheetah will restore grasslands of the country.”

Threatened species

Among the threatened species which are on the brink of extinction are carcal (Caracal caracal), the India wolf Canis lupus pallipes) and the three endangered species of the bustard family – the Houbara (Chlamydotis undulate macqueenii), the lesser florican (Sypheotides indica) and the most endangered of them all – the great Indian bustard (Ardeotis nigriceps).

Like tiger and elephant, the cheetah will also need a distinctive status, Mr. Ramesh said, adding that he would now take up the matter with State governments to bring them on board before actually starting the project which will be totally funded by the Centre. This would involve relocation of some families living in the core areas. He said initial negotiations for reintroduction of cheetah had started with Africa, Iran and the Middle East.

He said that Kuno-Palpur [in the Sheopur district of north western Madhya Pradesh] could become the only place in the world where tiger, lion and cheetah could survive together. The government had proposed to relocate the Gir Lion from Gujarat to this place, but the project had to be shelved following opposition by the Gujarat government. This wildlife sanctuary was home to tigers until some years ago. Among the large carnivores, cheetah are likely to present the lowest level of conflict with human interests, as they are not a threat to human life and are most unlikely to predate large livestock.

The cheetah reintroduction would greatly enhance tourism prospects, especially at the sites, the cascading effects of which would benefit the local communities. Cheetah as a flagship would evoke a greater focus on the predicament of the much abused dry-land ecosystem and the need to manage them, which would benefit pastoralism in India where the largest livestock population in the world resides, report said.

Cheetahs are being reintroduced in India but I am very sorry to say that where are the legal provisions, security cover, protection for this exotic animals being an imported one, where as present Wild Life Protection Act, 1972 needs amendment and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, `1960 toothless. Founder People for Animals ( PFA ) Haryana Naresh Kadyan, representative of the International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA in India already spoken and raised this issue before Wildlife Trust of India during survey and identification of space for reintroduction of Cheetah in India.
So introduce strong legislation and protection cover for Cheetah before their import from foreign countries like Africa, as the Ministry of Environment and Forest, New Delhi sanctioned and disbursed the funds for this project, hence Her Excellency the President of India is here by requested to issue ordinance as protection cover and concerned Ministry of Environment and Forest may kindly move draft legislation for public comments with out any further delay.
Abhishek Kadyan, Media Adviser to OIPA in India grievance registration number is : PRSEC/E/2011/05611 with the President of India's office and Sukanya Kadyan, Director to PFA Haryana registration Number is : MOEAF/E/2011/00153 with the Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances.
Signed By:
Name Location Date
Abhishek Kadyan Delhi, India 04/14/2011
Karen Neubauer Geelong, Australia 04/14/2011
Pia Mustonen Tampere, Finland 04/14/2011
Elisabeth Bechmann St. Pölten, Austria 04/14/2011
Naresh Kadyan Secretary General Delhi, IN 04/14/2011
Sharda Kadyan Delhi, IN 04/14/2011
Andrea Oefinger Newtown, CT 04/14/2011
Julie Cavalca Newark, DE 04/14/2011
Eva Fidjeland Orrefors, Sweden 04/14/2011
elisabetta rossi savona, Italy 04/14/2011
Paola Ghidotti Milano, Italy 04/14/2011
cathala corine Pierrelatte, France 04/14/2011
Ángel Marina Palma de Mallorca, Spain 04/14/2011
Claire B Swansea, United Kingdom 04/14/2011
annmarie devine burtonport co donegal, Ireland 04/14/2011
Kathe Garbrick Manhattan, KS 04/14/2011
Akiko Motomura London, , United Kingdom 04/14/2011
isabel esteve igualada, Spain 04/14/2011
Bruce Combs Williamsburg, VA 04/14/2011
Sandra dos Santos Balto., MD 04/14/2011
*C* . Mosheim, TN 04/14/2011
Marleen Paulus Hoegaarden, VI 04/14/2011
nicole sears austin, MN 04/14/2011
carlee trent springfield, OH 04/14/2011
Barbara Maas Dorking, United Kingdom 04/14/2011
Isabella Rael Rio Vista, CA 04/14/2011
Chris Drumright Murfreesboro, TN 04/14/2011
Kate Kenner Jamaica Plain, MA 04/14/2011
Eric Emery Mon. Jct., NJ 04/14/2011
Brittany Brower Montgomery, IL 04/14/2011
Nadezhda Peneva Alicante, Spain 04/14/2011
Ginger Geronimo Birmingham, AL 04/14/2011
Andreia Capelo Funchal, Portugal 04/14/2011
josephine skitt willenhall, United Kingdom 04/14/2011
Daiane Silva DURHAM, NC 04/14/2011
bonnie pelton phx., AZ 04/14/2011
kayla parks lewis center, OH 04/14/2011
Beth chaney galt, CA 04/14/2011
Michael Prince Columbia, MO 04/14/2011
Blake Parker Cambridge, MA 04/14/2011
Theodore Spachidakis piraeus, Greece 04/14/2011
Ashley Hunsberger Philadelphia, PA 04/14/2011
Ellen G Sussex, WI 04/14/2011
Patrick M. Donovan Brooklyn, NY 04/14/2011
Gregory Esteve Lake Wales, FL 04/14/2011
Carol Ripley Hertford, United Kingdom 04/14/2011
Yahel Castañeda Pachuca, ME 04/14/2011
John Shay Jr Hagerstown, MD 04/14/2011
Cyndi Mears Chicago, IL 04/14/2011
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enrico miolli settimo torinese, Italy 04/14/2011
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Sandra Seiça Aveiro, Portugal 04/14/2011
Nicole Weber Pasadena, MD 04/14/2011
Christine Walker Buffalo, NY 04/14/2011
ana maria molina zarzalejo, Spain 04/14/2011
Scott, Beth and Vicky Our Family Stratford, Canada 04/14/2011
Cristi Sturgill Mount Vernon, KY 04/14/2011
David Michael Warren, MI 04/14/2011
Lindsey Poore federalsburg, MD 04/14/2011
Maria F. Verona, Italy 04/14/2011
chris beal louth, TX 04/14/2011
Angel Warrior Jersey, United Kingdom 04/14/2011
Jason J Green Spotsylvania, VA 04/14/2011
Eileen McKay New York City, NY 04/14/2011
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Holly Crawford Perry Hall, MD 04/14/2011
Alicia Guevara Buenos Aires, Argentina 04/14/2011
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Bonni Thompson Huntsville, AL 04/14/2011
Echo G. Ashland, OH 04/14/2011
heidi wollum goteborg, Sweden 04/14/2011
Vitor Magalhães Penafiel, Portugal 04/14/2011
Pamylle Greinke Peconic, NY 04/14/2011
Yrna Miryana jakarta, Indonesia 04/14/2011
Marco Baracca Milano, Italy 04/14/2011
Ryan Zimmermann Jim Thorpe, PA 04/14/2011
Gillian Lauder Ashburn, Bangladesh 04/14/2011
Chris McCabe Cambridge, United Kingdom 04/14/2011
Shannon Bucci littleton, CO 04/14/2011
M Mock Medford, OR 04/14/2011
Jim Mock Medford, OR 04/14/2011
peter kikic oshawa, Canada 04/14/2011
Sandra Bromberg Montreal, Canada 04/14/2011
Honalee Elkan Juneau, AK 04/14/2011
Lisa Koehl Brooklyn, CT 04/14/2011
Krasimira Buyuklieva-Darzeva Stara Zagora, Bulgaria 04/14/2011
Amanda Jones Apex, NC 04/14/2011
michelle maiorca manchester, CT 04/14/2011
Rose Shortland Joys Green, United Kingdom 04/14/2011
Shannon Capps Lake Orion, MI 04/14/2011
Nancy Roussy Ste-Florence, Canada 04/14/2011
Jay'den Thome Miami, FL 04/14/2011
Julie Goldman Chesterfield, MO 04/14/2011
Andy andyMaidlow Brighton, United Kingdom 04/14/2011
Courtney VanOrder Spring Hope, NC 04/14/2011
Robert Scott Wolfe Cranston, RI 04/14/2011
angela fazzari portland, OR 04/14/2011
nicolette ludolphi bremen, DE 04/14/2011
SABRINA RODRIGUEZ Buenos Aires, Argentina 04/14/2011
Kay HelpSaveAnimals Sax., Germany 04/14/2011
Ani L. Schwartz Arroyo Seco, NM 04/14/2011
Henri De Decker Tisselt, NE 04/14/2011
Jesse Mills Wells, ME 04/14/2011
Diana Ferreira Paços de Ferreira, Portugal 04/14/2011
june bullied toronto, CA 04/14/2011
Klaudio Negric Rijeka, Croatia 04/14/2011
Sarah Cullen London, AL 04/14/2011
Carrie Gleason Arizona City, AZ 04/14/2011
Thomas Willette Greencastle, IN 04/14/2011
Linda Gonzalez Chicago, IL 04/14/2011
paula b johnstown, PA 04/14/2011
Mary Foley cork, Ireland 04/14/2011
Judith Abel Basel, Switzerland 04/14/2011
Jon Spinac New York, NY 04/14/2011
Sonia Trimboli Catania, Italy 04/14/2011
Arlene Robins Surrey, Canada 04/14/2011
lorena comeche madrid, Spain 04/14/2011
kristen davies Chicago, IL 04/14/2011
Maureen North Shortsville, NY 04/14/2011
amla ramsaran cunupia, Trinidad and Tobago 04/14/2011
nancy sands brooklyn, NY 04/14/2011
Rosangel Dagnesses New York, NY 04/14/2011
Caitlin Crack 04/14/2011
James Walker janesville, WI 04/14/2011
monica belloso el salvador, El Salvador 04/14/2011
Julia Toteva Beppu, Japan 04/14/2011
Renate Thomee Limburg, Netherlands 04/14/2011
Chris Ray Parma, OH 04/14/2011
carlos carlos daghetta cabo frio, Brazil 04/14/2011
Paulette Finnegan Northlake, IL 04/14/2011
Kim Gelinas West Springfield, MA 04/14/2011
Magdalena Mazurek Marco Island, FL 04/14/2011
lori weber johnson city, TN 04/14/2011
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Carin Zellerman New york, NY 04/14/2011
james m nordlund Fargo, ND 04/14/2011
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Paulina Hoppel Poznan, Poland 04/15/2011
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Cheetah reintroducing scheme for promoting tourism - financial gain or profit not for conservation and these Cheetah will be imported from breeding centers, where as Indian Govt. banned inbreeding in 2009 due to genetics disorder then why these animals from breeders and which law / legislation will protect them from poachers?.

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