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Tom Selby May 2, 2011
Ignored court ruling
This company produces an 'all-in-one' computer based HD media system called the Reelbox Avantgarde for domestic use.

I had originally purchased the system from a UK agent in August 2008.

In January 2010, the internal power supply unit (PSU) failed. The UK agent was now no longer interested so I purchased a replacement PSU direct from Reel. But the PSU they supplied was faulty. Reel would not supply a replacement unless I sent my Avantgarde back to them from the UK. Of course, they are fully entitled to request this. But I had to pay a shipping contractor £69.32 (€79.85) to pack and ship the Avantgarde with the newly supplied faulty PSU back to them.

They returned the system quite promptly and fully working

As they had sent me a faulty product, I asked them to refund me the cost of returning the faulty equipment to them which they are obliged to do by law. They ignored my request and all subsequent communications from me

Eventually, I issued a Europeans Small Claims court summons for the œ69.32 plus the cost of the court action (£99.32 / €114.42). They responded by accepting my claim in full. The court then issued a Judgement (9th November 2010) instructing Reel to pay the sum "forthwith". But Reel ignored this . I sent them a reminder which they also ignored

I then returned to court and the court issued a European Enforcement Order Certificate which Reel received and signed for on 25th February 2011. But still no refund from Reel.

I would like to warn people who may be tempted to purchase products from this company that, based on my experience, if things go wrong you may get no co-operation from them and you be left out of pocket

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