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lisette394 April 29, 2011
I have two daughters who were attending this daycare facility. There have been several occasions where both my children have been injured by other children, by falls, etc. On 4/28/11 at around 5:30pm went to the daycare to pick up my children. After paying for that week and a week in advance I picked up my youngest daughter (4 years old) from the daycare, and she mentioned that her teacher Ms. Cannedy hit her on the head. Regretfully, I was in a hurry and didn't examine her There were three employees in the room at the time I picked her up. When parents pick up children they are required to sign them out and recieve a ticket that showed the name of the child and time they were checked out. I handed my daughter the ticket and instructed her to give it to her teacher. Happily she went to the teacher handed her the ticket and said see you tomorrow. About 7pm me and my children we were home I we were playing and my daughter suddenly said "Mommy be careful with my boo boo". I said "What boo boo?" She said, "Mommy I told you Ms. Cannedy hit me on the head ". I felt around my daughters head and when I touched the top of her head she said ouchie and i felt a lump about the size of a gumball on top of her head. In a calm manner, so that I wouldn't alarm her, I asked her what happened. She stated again that Ms. Cannedy hit her on the head with a block. I asked if Ms. Cannedy was being mean to her, or was it just an accident? She said it was an accident. I asked if she was given ice and my daughter said no. I was beginning to lose my cool, so I had my daughters take a bath so that I could compose myself. At 7:39pm I phoned the daycare and left a message on the directors voicemail. I was very upset. I told her what my daughter told me and that she needed to get to the bottom of it and call me back. I could not bring myself to take my children there the next day. At about 6:30 am on 4/29/11 I called the daycare to fing out when Diana, the director, and Ms. Cannedy would be at the facility. The women at the front has always been kind to me and greeted my children with a smile. She asked if everything was ok. I proceeded to tell her what happened and she told me she would give Diana the message as soon as she came in. At 8:35am Diana phoned me and asked what was going on. I informed her as to what my daughter told me. I proceeded to tell her that I did not feel that my child was hurt intentionally, but I demanded to know why I wasnt informed and why the incident wasnt document. I expressed my concern that this was the 3rd time that I had to bring my children home, discover a mark or injury and had no information from the school as to what had occurred. As she always did when my children got hurt, she acted concerned and told me that she would go see my daughter to check her head and talk to the teacher. At that time I informed her that my children did not attend the daycare that day. She assured me she would speak to the teacher and call me back. At 9:42am I hadn't heard from her. I called back. I was told she was "in a conference" by the woman who answered the phone. When I told her my name she asked me to hold. Diana picked up the phone, and advised me that she had Ms. Cannedy in the office and was getting her side of it. At that time Diana advise me that Ms. Cannedy was saying that it was another child who hit my daughter on the head. She also told me that Ms. Cannedy was very upset and crying, and Diana asked if she could call me back. At 11:53am I still hadn't heard from Diana so I again called back the daycare. Diana explained that Ms. Cannedy was still stating that it was another child. She stated that Ms. Cannedy said my daughter and the class were making necklaces with beads that were about the size of a quarter. My daughter was swinging the necklace and Ms. Cannedy asked her to stop and put the beads on the table. Ms. Cannedy then turned around and suddenly heard my daughter crying and according to Ms. Cannedy my daughter said a boy hit her. (The childs name ofcourse was not given to me). Ms. Cannedy gave no good reason for not reporting the incident except that she didnt realize my daughter got hurt that badly. Diana also informed me that she had sent Ms. Cannedy home for the day while she decided what needed to be done. At that time I requested that my advance week payment be returned to me, and I informed Diana the my children would not be attending the facility any longer. Without hesitation she advised me that she would cut me a check for the overpayment. My concerns are that I was never called back except for the initial conversation with Diana. I feel like they were avoiding me or trying to figure out a story. If she believed the teacher didnt do it then why was she sent home?

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