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aadeleon April 1, 2011
Unjust and unreasonable withholding of time deposit placement fee for Instacard secured credit card
I applied for RCBC Bankard's Instacard - a secured credit card that required a time deposit upon application. I filed my application in January 2011.

I went to RCBC Trinoma several times to ask about my application and they always assured me that they would e-mail Bankard and make a follow-up on my Instacard application.

On March 11, 2011 (Friday), I went back to RCBC Trinoma to inquire about my application. When they said Bankard still had not updated them, I asked if I could call Bankard myself using their phone. I had already waited for two months and I was wondering why my Instacard was taking so long. They gave me the phone number of Bankard and that's when I was told by Bankard's CSR that my application was denied in January 2011 and that the reason was undisclosed.

Since Bankard told me that my application was denied, I talked to RCBC Trinoma's branch manager and asked to withdraw my time deposit. The branch manager said that they could not just release my money and that they had to refer to Bankard for instructions on how to proceed.

On the morning of March 14, 2011 (Monday), I called Bankard and inquired about my request to withdraw my time deposit, since I was assured by the branch manager at RCBC Trinoma that he e-mailed Bankard. I was advised by Bankard that they had nothing to do with the time deposit for my denied Instacard application, because Bankard was a credit card company and that the release of my time deposit was at RCBC Trinoma's discretion. Though I was advised as such, I was also told that they would file a report about my case and I was given a reference number.

Late afternoon of March 14, 2011 my Instacard arrived - it was processed AFTER I requested to have my money back.

I called Bankard and RCBC Trinoma the next day, March 15, 2011, to ask why they processed my application when I already requested to get my money. I was advised by RCBC Trinoma and Bankard to request for the cancellation of the card. Bankard said to call in 2-3 working days to check if my card was already cancelled. I made a follow-up and was informed that my card was cancelled on March 16, 2011.

Today is April 1, 2011 and RCBC Trinoma still would not release my money - the time deposit for my Instacard application that was denied in January 2011 and was speedily processed AFTER I told RCBC Trinoma that I wanted my money back. RCBC Trinoma told me that, according to Bankard, I could only withdraw my time deposit after 60 days to wait for late billing submissions from merchants, when I NEVER USED THE CARD, I HAD IT CANCELLED IMMEDIATELY, and I NEVER EVEN SIGNED IT.

It was not my fault that they processed my application AFTER I requested to have my money back - it was Bankard's. Now Bankard and RCBC Trinoma are saying that I have to wait for 60 days to get my money back.

I e-mailed Bankard with RCBC's CEO on the CC yesterday and I had to make a follow-up today. As of posting I have not heard anything yet from Bankard or RCBC.

RCBC is a bank and Bankard is a credit card company - both are trusted with their clients' finances and yet they have been very unreliable and inconsistent. I am being inconvenienced by these two companies and they can't even reply promptly to my e-mails.

RCBC Trinoma has been keeping my money without logical reason and, since I already requested to withdraw my money and protested against their keeping it for 60 days, RCBC Trinoma is keeping my money without my consent.

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