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justice4all April 12, 2011
I could say a lot about her but my main concern is that people like me are getting scammed. She works with a new partner since her first one got fed up and left. She advertises Ragdoll kittens on Kiijii but they are not. I saw her pretend that rescue cats were Ragdolls. People think they are buying Ragdolls so they pay a lot of money and they are getting ripped off! She has registration numbers but they are not for her cats. She has a litter now for example with all different eye colors and Ragdolls can only have blue eyes unless they are a solid, then they will only have amber eyes. SHe is taking advantage of people. If you study the breed you can tell by the markings and eyecolors that her cats are not ragdoll. I just hope people see this. She needs to be shut down. If she shows registration papers, people need to call TICA ; as of right now I believe that all but a couple of her cats have numbers lifted from other cats. The number may not match the cat.

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