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Topic July 21, 2011
So I signed up with Premiere Fitness/Mademoiselle Clubs about a month and a half ago. I originally went in for a review and tour of the club with my boyfriend and baby. I was given a short tour by Anna, the "one in charge". After the tour we sat down in an open concept office to discuss memberships. Me, after just having a baby, needed a weight loss program that would be budget wise, and had great reviews about it. So of course, Anna opened up her book and started with the most expensive, elaborate membership that had no means of suiting my needs. I told her that was too expensive (being a young person on maternity leave with a new baby), so she continued on to the second highest priced membership. After I explained to her several times that I needed something in expensive due to my new commitment as a Mom, she still somehow didn't understand fully. Finally, we came to an agreement that I sign up for the "Quick Start 3 month Program". It's $101.70 bi-weekly (still way out of my budget) that will be automatically with drawn from my bank account on every other FRIDAY. So this program is a platinum membership but for "free" she upgraded me to a gold membership...or so I thought she did. I am to receive 2 training sessions a week equaling 24 sessions in all. Also, I shall attend a once a week nutrition session, which would be a 12 week program. With that a PERSONAL nutrition meal plan for 12 weeks in a binder and a special water bottle was to be provided. I am also to have full use of all classes and clubs including Mademoiselle Fitness. I was under the impression that this would be set up by Anna herself, and that it would happen right away. To add, Anna was personally supposed to take a "before" picture of me. With this, I questioned Anna about the club's financial reputation. I stated that I had previous co-workers that had NSF fee's piled up because the club would with draw the money owing 3 or 4 days before they were supposed to, the agreed payment day on paper. Anna assured me that the earliest they would take out any payment would be one day before. Let's go through that list and see what actually happened as opposed to what was agreed to ON PAPER. To start, I finally just got a personal trainer, water bottle, meal plan binder after a month and my nutritionist after 3 weeks. My payment's have been taken out on Tuesdays, instead of the Friday's they are supposed to be taken out which leaves me with NSF fees, many of them. When this situation came to my attention, I went in and spoke to one of the staff members, Jessica (who I must say was great!) she got things figured out, called head office with a request to refund my NSF fees towards my account, take off my billing information AND let me pay cash from now on...or so I thought, once again. Jessica did a great job, she did what she could considering the fact that she was in training when I joined the club. I checked my banking today and saw the club tried to take out another payment on the 14th of July, my payment isn't due until the 22nd. I had signed a form saying they wouldn't go into my bank account and I would pay cash instead. Are you kidding me??? I don't have the time OR money for this crap! So I called the club and thankfully Anna, "the one in charge" answered. Good thing she did because 2 weeks ago I called 5 times in one day for her ( for the financial issue) and somehow she still wasn't available. When I finally saw her, in the club, she said she was going to call me the next day and do you think she did? No. Of course not. So when she answered the phone today I told her what I thought about her promise and the company's promise, simply lies. Anna declaired that this has happened to 2 other people this week and she will have it fixed, plus I will get free sessions. She wasn't looking to help me loose weight, she was looking for a sale. Another issue was that she put me down for 12 personal training sessions and a 6 week nutrition program- it's supposed to be 24 personal training sessions and a 12 week nutritionist program. Might I add that when I signed up, Anna promised me a female trainer. Thankfully now I have one, but my first session was with a male. Referring back to Jessica once more, I thank her because SHE fixed my issues AND got me a female trainer. This company is lucky they hired her, someone who is genuinely nice and cares or pretends to at least. If it weren't for her I would've blew up and not have been so nice. Jessica should be "the one in charge". Over all, if this is not fixed by Monday ( today is Saturday), with my NSF fees returned along with free sessions and whatever else I can think of I will take my business elsewhere and go further above and speak to the owner. This is supposed to be the most prestigious fitness club in Ontario. To add on a side note, my special Premiere Fitness water jug was stolen. Also, I accidentally left my camera at the pool area just before they were closing, as I was the only one left in there. ( My fault). You think the cleanup staff would return the ca, era to the front desk seeing as it had pictures of my first born child on it. Shows what kind of people they have working there so due to that I lost all of my pictures of my first born child, everything, all the memories captured and all the videos of her milestones taken away from me. How pathetic.

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