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Poshfairytailisbad May 10, 2011
Stay away
I purchased a maltese and a yorkie from this puppy broker and found out her puppies were imported from Korean puppy mill breeder from www.jungpuppyclub.com. I have found this seller has been buying and reselling puppies illegally and importing these puppies to the USA under the required age of 6 months old. I have an investigator looking into this seller. Her name is Jina at Poshfairytail.com Posh fairy tail puppies sells puppies that are much younger than what is advertised as my vet said my puppies were barely 8 weeks old when I took them in to their first vet visit and she told me they were already 4 months old. She false advertises puppies and states they are healthy. My maltese was diagnosed with parvo within 3 days of arrival to me and the puppy died 2 days later. The yorkie also was diagnosed with parvo as well 3 days after my maltese was diagnosed. She did survive but, we ended up having over $9, 000.00 worth of vet bills. This seller should be shut down and I have found out I can contact CDC and also customs where the puppies are coming in at Washington Dulles. I have found that she brings in 4 to 6 puppies at one time from this Korean puppy mill. Jung puppy club is also being investigated in Korea as well for selling sick dogs to USA buyers. I spoke with another company who was brokering his puppies and they explained to me the problems with puppies age and that they are bringing puppies in at 5 and 6 weeks old and lying on health government official papers to get them into USA. This is a huge crime and I am collecting all documents to submit to CDC and also USDA to shut this seller down. I am going to share my story and hopefully other people who have dealt with this seller will come forward and we together can make it known.

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