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26 York Street, London W1U 6PZ, London, England|Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Phone number: 0844 991 0395

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Londoners October 6, 2018
Complete rip-off!
They charge £75 and turn up with a plunger and 3 straight connecting rods - useless for the internal waste pipes where I explained the issue was over the phone. They then charge £330 to run a flexible spring cable down my pipes. It took ten minutes.
Bermondsey Customer April 16, 2017
Cowboy Company - should be shut down
Having had some difficulty with my boiler one week I was keen to identify the problem and have it fixed so I could have hot water in my property again.I looked online and thought that Plumb Force Direct would have the capability and expertise to support me with my issue. Sadly I was very mistaken. After coming round the next day, I was greeted by an employee with a heavy accent which was very difficult to understand. After turning the boiler off and on and hitting the reset button (as I had already done before the visit) - he then came to tell me he was "confused" and that because it was not a manual display, he was unsure how to identify the problem. Alarmingly, he then needed to call up the manufacturer to ask what they thought the problem was. Having a "confused" plumber come to help was not helpful at all - particularly when he wasn't able to diagnose the boiler at all (later another company came to fix the boiler at a much cheaper price and fixed issues which Plumb Force Direct failed to detect). Apart from the incompetence of the plumber, Plumb Force direct also quoted extortionate and unreasonable prices to "try" and fix the boiler. Quoting over £800 to fix some parts (not all of which needed to be fixed) with no guarantee that the boiler would work. I was then told that I may need to spend further funds fixing other parts if the boiler didn't work after the initial "fix". Again - this goes in direct contrast to a statement on their website: "We’ve yet to be stumped on any problematic boiler or central heating system we come across." Despite this the employee asked for the user guide of the boiler to help with his confusion - which other companies did not require. Stating the extortionate costs for an "attempt" to fix a boiler made this offer completely redundant (who would pay for someone to "try" and fix their boiler, paying over £1,000 in the process...?). I was then offered a quote for a new boiler and asked for some time to decide. Later that evening I realized my boiler began to leak (which it had not done before Plumb Force Direct's visit) - and called them up to ask why. I was told there was no emergency plumbers available and that I would have to wait till the next day. With water pouring out of my boiler - I had no choice but to look elsewhere. I was fortunate enough to find out another company were offering support at a much cheaper price and decided to go with them. When I told Plumb Force Direct about my issues - they simply stated "it's not clear that water was coming from the boiler" despite having attached photos to demonstrate this fact. Despite a range of issues: Failure to diagnose the problem Being "confused" Heavily overcharging for quotes provided compared to what is available by competitors (demonstrating they care more about sales rather than customer value) Failure to take responsibility for leakage caused by Plumb Force Direct Failure to be able to provide emergency support for an issue causes by themselves They still proceeded to charge £85 + VAT for the privilege. I would wholeheartedly recommend any other consumer to look elsewhere if considering Plumb Force Direct - from my experience they are not able to provide an effective service, lack staff, give a poor customer experience, but most of all - are not sufficiently skilled to fix boiler issues which other companies are able to do with ease. In terms of the resolution I found - I used another company who charged less than half of what Plumb Force Direct were charging. If you've got boiler issues - learn from my mistakes and look online, make sure you look for another service provider with reviews you are comfortable with. This review is similar to one left on another review site (they tried to remove it as it's not very flattering).Overall - this company should be shut down - they have incompetent staff, causes more issues than previously exist and are generally cowboys that should be avoided. I didn't like: Incompetent staff, Failure to acknowledge issues, Extortionate prices.
Jackyb January 28, 2017
Liars, no communication, very overpriced, avoid
Awful company, please steer clear. Ripped me off with some blocked drainage work they carried out. Failed to fix the problem despite charging over £450 for a couple of hours work. When I tried to get them back to fix it again they were nice in the phone and said someone was coming to have a look. But this took several days to organise despite us having no way of showering. When they eventually got an appointment sorted they didn't show up. I had taken the day off work for nothing. But the worse thing was that they never phoned to update me, I had to phone them repeatedly and they just said they'll be there soon. When I insisted they do something, someone eventually showed up late in the evening, they were rude and said it was too dark to fix it. Eventually i used another company who fixed it straight away for a third of the cost. Have never received any apology or compensation from them. Terrible experience!
Sylvia Pereira July 4, 2011
Dishonest company
DO NOT USE THIS PLUMBING COMPANY - I have been ripped off by this company who rely on their business website and friendly / polite staff to get your business. This plumbing company contracts out plumbers who are paid a percentage of what the company makes. Therefore from the start they try to get their "pound of flesh" from you. Their mis-quotes, mis-selling and their dishonest maximizing on timed work are some of their tricks. The plumber I had went missing for 2 hours to get a copper pipe and I was charged £180 plus VAT for this. I have noticed that the other reviews are consistent with this company's unprofessional behaviour. I don't believe the five star ratings that have been written. Tell your family and friends never to approach this plumbing company they are completely out to fleece you.
Oksana L February 15, 2011
Misleading diagnosis
This company provide misleading diagnosis for my boiler. They told me that my boiler to old and that this boiler can't work without new PCB(they charge me for diagnostic 78GBP), wanted to charge 1 x PCB = £389+VAT), also that no warranty that it works with new PCB - buy new boiler. After that I booked appointment with other company, which detect that my boiler lock out. They reset my boiler and now heating and hot water working fine without new PCB. That company which reset my boiler didn't charge me for that Now PLUMBFORCEDIRECT trying to find any reason don't refund diagnostic charge.
TIm April 12, 2010
False advertising, unprofessional service
With a boiler (Potterton Suprema 40L, 6 years old) that is failing, searched the internet and called out this company for the repair. Their advertising claims 'So much as one minute late, and we'll give you £25!'. When already half an hour late the engineer called to say they would be late. Arrived 1 hour late, but then claimed that because he had telephoned, the £25 refund did not apply. Then his assessment of the boiler was that the fault could be caused by any of four components. As it had not yet failed completely, he advised waiting until it DID fail completely before troubling them again. Charged the full call out for this and called the service "inspection" on the invoice. I made sure he added detail on the fault I had called them out to repair and that he could not diagnose the problem. Boiler is still not functioning and I must still get it repaired, only now I am £81 poorer. Have complained in writing to the management twice: have received no acknowledgement of my complaint.

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