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Kstamper April 19, 2011
Poor care
I go to Pets N Pals often to see there pets and buy supplies. Their prices are reasonable, However take terrible care of their pets. The only animals they care about is there dogs, bunnies or cats in the front window of their store. Their rats in the store get loose all the time, and I told them that I saw a rat loose and they just shrugged and said 'Yea, they get out alot' and didn't look for it. I went there 2 days later and found the rat, running around still uncaptured.
problem #2 is their fish care! Their feeder goldfish had 3 dead goldfish bodies floating at the top and 5 goldfish bodies sucked into the filter. 3 of the tanks their are green. It has been like this the whole month, and still counting.
I really wish they took care of their fish. I know they arent a popular pet at a store, or something that would make you say 'Awww!' but atleast take care of them.

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