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Miami Beach, Florida, United States

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sara472 April 5, 2011
Scam e-mail
I too recieved an e-mail from a "" stating that he now lived in Maimi, FL and he had to move out there for his wife to get treatment because she was sick and couldnt take care of her beagle puppies. He even sent photos and made sure that i was going to properly care for his 'babies' when i got them. He then said that they could be shipped to my house and will arrive within 4-5 HOURS from the time i pay $186 dollars to some pet agency!!! yeah right! I asked him what the name of the agency was that i would be paying to and he said there were three that he had to choose from and he had used them before. Some "pet transporting agency" i googled it and found THIS PAGE. Thank you all for this warning. It is sad that me and my husband, newly married, just moved into our new home cannot even buy a dog without the fear of being scammed. Disgusting...

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