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Greedy May 29, 2011
I fell in love with 4 chihuahua puppies on a site called pet link. The women, Cece Lance, claimed that her daughter recently died in a car accident and that she was looking after her 10 week old pups. She said she would give them to me as if she sold them she would be selling apart of her daughter..
She sent me 75 photos, and told me that they would come with toys, clothes and paper work. Then she asked me a few questions like:
Where you are located?
Your experience with pets and which kind of pets?
If you have a vet doctor close to you so you can take the babies to for checkup regularly
Which of the puppies you wish to take?
Also tell me much about yourself and your family.
How much time you spend at home to be there for the babies?

Her writing and spelling was not very good. She said she was from Victoria BC in Canada.
They where gorgeous pictures and i told her i would take the four of them. It was going to cost $480 USD for a shared crate and $210 USD tax. They where going to be delivered to my door which was a bit suspicious seeing as i live very rural and i could not find an Australian 'Pet Post International' service. The website Pet Post International was amateurish. Then they insisted that i pay right away, because there was i direct flight (not such thing where i live). I had to pay a man named:

Akuchu Titus
Address: Bonapriso Douala,
Country: Cameroon
Postal Code: 00237
Amount: $480.00 USD
Test Question: Reference
Answer: (Registration Number)

Mum wouldn't let me, then we found numerous fraud posts like this on the internet. A women rang me, she said she was Cece, she was Indian and i couldn't really understand her.

Don't trust just anyone.

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