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DuhNoMore July 5, 2011
Misrepresentation of terms and charges
After watching NuBrilliance's info-mercial on TV I decided to try it on their advertised 30 day trial for only $14.95, with free S/H. The written (website) and spoken (infomercial) statement was you could try this unit for 30 days, and if, AFTER the 30 day trial period, you decided not to buy it, simply return it and you would only be out the $14.95. Now, I've seen lots of ads for various products stating you could try something out and return it WITHIN the 30 days, but NuBrilliance clearly states you can try it for a full 30 days and then return it without incurring any further charges. Your 30 days begin, it states, once you receive the unit. Before I actually ordered this unit, I went over these details with the clerk on the phone, who also emphatically presented that this was all, indeed, correct - a full 30 day trial, no S/H, only $14.95 for that trial, and it started once you actually received the product. I received mine on 27 May 2011. Was not overly impressed, and concerned because the warranty was on a small card with no real information, and there were no instructions for cleaning the heads between uses, or any type of maintenance care at all. My experience has always been that if you purchase a product of any kind that is well made, it comes with specific instructions on how to keep it functioning, how to clean it, and what the warranty specifically entails. I went online and read complaints about NuBrilliance - about the unit itself, and the problems with 'customer service'. Went to the NuBrilliance website to try to contact someone about my concerns, but it instead directed me to a shipping and charges record rather than to an address to write a query to. Glad I looked at this page. The chart showed that I was about to be hit for a whopping '$79.95' on a day that fell within the so-called 30 day trial! I called NuBrilliance. The woman was cold and rather snotty, despite my efforts to sound sincere about possibly keeping the product...IF... I asked her what directions they gave for keeping the heads cleaned, and any other cleaning/maintenance information on it. She informed me that, after all, you are only scraping a small amount of dead skin off with the microdermabrasion head, so there was no big need to actually clean it between uses - you would be buying more heads after a set number of uses each time, anyway. YUK!! And no, there was nothing else the consumer needed to know about maintenance, cleaning, etc. When I asked about the supposed warranty, and even explained I had read complaints online about it not being valid, she told me the little card I got that said warranty on it was all I needed to worry about. That the manufacturer gave the warranty anyway, and they were located in China. If this was meant to put my mind at ease, it didn't. I said I had never purchased anything with a warranty that did not at least specify, in writing, what it covered, and where to send it for repairs or replacement, etc. She said I did not need to know all that, the manufacturer was the one giving the warranty, and like she already said before, they were in China. What this was supposed to convey to me I am not sure, but it was not good. I even asked if she could send me whatever they did have (written) regarding the warranty, as this was not a cheap little item. She refused, and again said it was unnecessary ---just like cleaning it after each use. So I proceded to ask about the 30 day trial. I explained that it was written on their website, and said repeatedly on their infomercial, and verified by the ones taking your order, that you had a complete 30 day trail period to try it out in. Then you could return it, and were only out the $14.95. Could even keep the facial cremes they included as a gift. Was the only reason I ordered it, since they were so convincing that you truly only had to spend $14.95 and not a cent more if not satisfied after a 30 day trial. Why then, I asked her, was I reading on their site that I was scheduled to be hit for a whopping payment of $79.95 on a date that fell within that 30 day 'trial'?? She said that the only way I could avoid that would be to overnight express ship the thing back to them and hope it made it back within the 30 day period. I reiterated the part about the 30 day trial offer, and also pointed out I had only received it on the 27th of May, yet they were counting a date before that time to base the 30 days 'ater receipt of product' on. She did not care and made that very clear. She had given me the option of overnight shipping the thing to meet some deadline they had created. If not, well, once they received the thing back, I should be reimbursed some time in the future (no date given) for that lovely charge I never authorized. Got the RMA number, shipped it normal mail, with a delivery confirmation, and called my credit card company. NuBrilliance charged me on the date they had posted online, regardless of the fact the product was returned, and there was nothing I could do about it. The credit card company said even though I had been swindled, and even though I had obviously not authorized this new charge (or the future ones lined up as well courtesy of NuBrilliance), the only thing I could do was contest the charges as invalid, and go through that nice, long process. In the meantime, I would unfortunately have to keep getting charged. Unsatisfied with this hopeless presentation, I spoke to a manager, who told me I would have to cancel my card entirely in order to eliminate NuBrilliance from making more charges. This would leave me having to fight whatever they had by then managed to hit my card for, but at least it would prevent them from continuing. So that is what I am in the process of doing now. I would warn anyone out there not to deal with this bunch. The very thought that they are bold enough to not only publish this fake offer on their website, but to also perpetually run the infomercial on TV, tells you what type of conscience they must have about the product, and what type of background experience they must be basing such actions on. Nobody would force you to start making payments on a product if it was really any good, to include being a product you could expect to last for a reasonable amount of use. What it appears to me is this unit does not last all that long, and does not do all the miraculous things for your skin it is supposed to do. And as to expecting the customer to 'get over it' and just keep grinding dead flesh cells back into their face for the set number of uses NuBrilliance has established, until you get to buy replacement grinding heads, well, that pretty much sums up how they must view the informercial watching, website advertisement believing consumers out there...or at least the ones with credit cards.

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