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Kent Reed May 21, 2011
It sucks but my fault
I purchased this software after a month of soul searching hoping that it will help me understand and correct my own grammatical blunders. Unfortunately, it didn't help me despite the fact that I paid $149 for this crap. Save your rant, but if you write 10-15 articles a day, it pays to invest on a software that will, at least, detect your blind spots.

Neurogrammar is similar to WhiteSmoke but with a different approach. Unfortunately, this unusual way to correcting your errors is what's killing me. You will be deluged with dozens and dozens of sentences they scraped off the web, and you're left to decide to pattern your sentences to the scraped content. The only catch is that they scrape everything, I even saw tons of scrape content from SQL databases! Neurogrammar doesn't check the scrape content, they just present it whenever it matches to your phrase.

I'ts a total waste of money and I don't recommend anyone purchasing this product. And if you plan to ask a refund, well, you can forget it because they will never respond to your email. This could be the reason why this company don't use Paypal to get away with disputes. If you want a grammar checker software, go find another one, but stay out from this one.

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