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Zonino July 2, 2011
dishonest dealings
This site is a very clever way for which people are enticed to "bid" to purchase cheap items. They advetise that an item may go for a certain price but neglete to mention how much it cost combined for that person to win the "bid". For example: an iPad 2 is advertised as going for $186, however the item started at $0 and was increased in price which each "bid" by 2 cents per bid added to the cost of the item. So the item grows to 2cents but it cost the bidder $1 to bid. The item I watched had the same bidder with a "robot" automatically bidding for them as the highest bidder throught the auction. The auction time is also increased by 20 seconds with each bid so when I started watching the auction the price was at $186 with a few hours to go, finishing at 3 pm. The auction actually finished at 7 am and the automatic bidder who was the highest bidder the whole time "won" the iPad2 for $260 dollars. My calculations mean that person paid in excess of $7000 in bids then the price of the item. Also in total the other bidders combined spent over $7000 dollars in bids to try and win...very nice profit turned on one $800 iPad2.
I have asked nicely to have the points that I have not spent returned to me as soon as I realised the scheme and was told that I could close my account but my points would definately be forfieted. All I have asked for is the return of points I have not spent. Not an unreasonable request but they will not refund. I understand some stores have a credit only policy, but they only give you 30 days in which to waste away your money with them. I honestly believe that there is dishonesty happening here and that the prices are being jacked up by false bids.

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