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Bdoglover March 19, 2011
I purchased a female English bulldog puppy from Nancy Nieto on Feb 7, 2010. She insisted on bringing the dog to me, supposedly for my convenience, since she (supposedly) lived in Davenport, several miles away. She arrived with the puppy and contact in hand, but no AKC registration paperwork. She seemed hurried and explained to me that her husband was out in the car, that he was diabetic, and that she needed to get him home to give him his insulin. She quickly went over some of the terms of the contract which were: 1) that I was to bring the dog to the vet within 72 hrs, obtain a health statement from the vet, and call her from the vets office and give her the vets fax #, and fax check health statement to her 2) At which time, she would fax the puppys initial shot record to the vets office for the dogs record 3) that she would allow me 72 hrs to get the dog to the vet and waive the 24 hrs as noted per the contract, stating that she would make this exception since I was buying the dog on a Sunday. 4) She stressed the fact that because I had purchased a female, that she offered the first breeding free per the contractual agreement and that no other breeder in the state offered this. I made it well known to her that I had plans to breed the dog, which was entirely the reason why I wanted a female, and that I would definitely be utilizing that service per the contract. She stated that there would be no problem. I took the dog to the vet within the 72 hrs, called Nancy with the fax number, and faxed to her the health certificate. When I called her with the fax number, she didn't answer and I left a voicemail message. I was unaware at the time that this was to be her usual MO for any future attempts to contact her. Fortunately, the dog was healthy and continues to be now, over a year later. I waited several weeks to receive the AKC paperwork but received nothing. I called Nancy numerous times about the missing paperwork, each time having had to leave a voicemail message as she did not answer. I continued to call and once I got her on the phone, quite by happenstance, I'm sure, she insisted that she had sent the paperwork. When I pressed the fact that I'd received nothing, she then said that she had faxed them to me. When I brought up the fact that I have no personal fax # to have given her, she asked me to call her at 4pm, as she would then be home and would "check her records." Well, I called her at 4 and of course got no answer. That was the last time I was ever able to reach her. I continued to call numerous times over the past year but she never answers. I have a beautiful dog but no papers. I paid her $1400 for a dog that I can't breed. I'ce just tried to resign myself to the fact that I was taken for a ride by a con artist. I figure my only recourse is to hire an atty and file a suit but who has the money or the emotional reserves for that? The games these people play are enough to drive a person to drink...

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