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Dnellay November 2, 2019
Thanks to Dr Onobun
I can't believe I got my ex back to me. with the help of Dr onobun spell I had read some stuff about Dr. Onobun how he help people restore there marriage or relationship before i message him on WhatsApp he said he will help me bring him back to me I never wanted to believe him because of what I went through of those fake people who claims to be a spell caster but i didn't know that all those stuff I read about Onobun were so real and accurate until i got my ex back, after asking for my picture and my husband picture After getting my ex back i taught it wise to share my testimony with every one on this website who are heath broken and they need solution to there problem I know most people will not believe this testimony because of those fake people online who claims to be a spell caster well am telling the world now there are still real and truthful spell caster and Dr onobun is one of the best and true spell caster contact Dr onobun your problem will be solved like mine Dr onobun is real and truthful spell caster that rebuild any broken relationship or marriage with love spell. Do feel free to Contact Dr.onobun via email: ( ).or WhatsApp him on+2348140443360 he the solution to your problem and predicament TRY AND SEE and thank me later
Jo Vail April 18, 2011
Well, I am living in a bad situation and I just happened to come across Angela or Angel's web site. I called her and talked to her and got a really good feeling about her right away. I told her about my abusive marriage and how I longed to get out and start a new life. I also told her how the legal system had failed me.

She completely understood and she told me that she worked with people's energies and that she worked through God. She also told me that she was Catholic and that she really wanted to help me. She told me that she could find my true love and heal the bad energy in my life. At first she asked me to send 200 Western Union so I did and she said that she would review my case and call me back.

Well, she called me back and told me that I must have had a bad experience in the past becuase I had a scar on my soul. She said that she would need another 600 to remove the scar so that she could bring my true love to me who just happened to be a man that I really liked a lot. Well, she said that she could not bind our love together since I had a scar.

So I sent the money and then she called a week later and said that I had a dark spot on my soul that needed to be completely removed much like a weed. So she gave me a really good explanation about why it was there and how it got there as well. She said that the three cirlces of life needed to be done to ensure that it would never grown back. So for this I sent another $1, 100.00 dollars.

So after she said that the protection spell was completed and the three circles of life, than she said that my energy was healed and then she could bind out love together. So than she called back another week later and said that she was still having trouble binding our love together and that she needed to marry our souls which would ensure that we loved only each other and that we never cheated.

Ok, you have to understand two important things before you keep reading. One, I was and still am in a very abusive marriage where I have two children who were failed miserable by my lawyer and the legal system. And two she called me every other day for the past 6 months and acted like she was so concerned and just wanted to help. I really got to know her and she really got to know me over that long period of time. She would even ask about my children.

So she made a point to let me know that she wanted to be there for me and to help me out of my situation. She knew all the details of it. Anyway she needed another $2, 500 for this new thing that she wanted to do and so I sent it to her. As the months drug by she would ask for more money to put more energy into what she was doing. Every other day she would tell me that this man was thinkings about me. That he loved me and wanted to be with me but he was so scared.

To make a long story short she told me every other day for six months that he would be calling me any day now and that she was sending him energy to have the courage to call me. She even said that he was single and very lonely just like me and that we were meant to be together and that this is what God even wanted.

She asured me that she worked through God and that she would never ever hurt me!! She understood that I was in an abusive marriage for Gods sake!! Any way, the man I liked never ever called me nor has he ever expressed any of the feeling that she said that he had for me. Come to find out he was married and has been for the past seven or eight years!!! Angela or Angel, she goes by both, took $9, 000.00 dollars from me!!! She would have me send the money Western Union to Stephanie Lee in Henderson NV and her phone 562215-5973 is actual listed under Debbie Smith

When I sent mony orders to her office it would go to Kelly Moore in Henderson, NV...So there seems to be a lot of people involved in this scam!!! Please be careful and do not before a victim the way that I have...I lost so much money and never got anything in return and to top it all off I am still in a abusive marriage.

If Angela will take advantage of an abused woman and her children than she will treat you in the same matter. She sounds real but I can tell you from personal experience that the only one things will be perfect for as she liked to say is her. You will be left broke and with nothing!!!And she likes to call you hon a lot and she says that she has 25 years of experience and that no one has ever been disappointed.

Well, look at my experience and you will see that I am very dissappointed. All the things that she told me made me fall in love with a man who could care less about me

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