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1730 E. Apache Blvd., Tempe, Arizona, United States

Phone number: 1-800-503-6778

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phxscams June 22, 2011
Fraudgelent employer
Multimedia Advertising Solutions, LLC
1730 E. Apache Blvd.
Suite 109
Tempe, Arizona 85281
Toll Free: 1-800-503-6778

please be advised phx scams exposed has been inendated with email complaints to our data base. The so called employer Multimedia Advertising & Consulting has been hireing prospects @ minimum wage in Tempe . Working these employees for weeks than refusing to pay them taking advantage of the 45, 000 plus unemployed in Phx AZ. The so called employer is posting job ads that are misleading with an agenda to defraud the employee out of his or her pay check. the owner wydell homan is located in Tempe & 6th ave & indian school rd
uses desparate or job seekiing individuals to run his business than defraud them of there pay, refusing to pay them. wydell homan sell a travel web site that requires a start up cost than sells them advertising with very little or NO results. The advertising are bogus hits that they add to apear on the account as a prospect on the clients site when in reality it was added through a master password accessing the clients web site via back office. They charge upto $40, 000 for advertising campagns that cost pennies or dont even exist. currently employees who where expecting a paycheck cant pay there back rent or utilities or food for there families. Several employees are fileing complaints with the industrial commision in hopes of puting liens against 2 mercedez the owner owns using money that was defrauded from hard working teenager & adults with families including clients who where mislead into buying a business affilliat website that you can asertain directly through any big name merchant by clicking become an affiiate for FREE at the merchants web site!!! if you have any information about this company please let us know.

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