Memory Lane Event Center

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Category: Family & Pets

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403 kc Memory Lane, Dripping Springs, Texas, United States

Phone number: 512/894-0700

Memory Lane Event Center Reviews

tired of the noise April 29, 2011
Noisy neighbors
If you want a quiet and peaceful wedding, book somewhere else. The neighbors are noisy and disruptive - no that's not right - they are living their lives and if it disturbs Memory Lane Event Center, oh well. Guess they built this place way too close to others.
tired of the noise April 29, 2011
Excessive noise and aggravation
Memory Lane Event Center is one big headache for the neighbors who live nearby. Their noise, traffic, dust, and very late night hours are causing others extreme irritation, stress, ill-health, worry, and ill tempers.

All of our other comments were removed because Memory Lane Event Center sent us a threatening letter, via Our attorney advised we ignore it. And because we did, our comments were removed. This is one example of just what they will do to get their own noisy and disruptive way.

We are tired of this place and want our peaceful countryside returned.

No one has the right to party in our homes uninvited. We want this place out of our lives for good.

We want to enjoy the peace and quiet of our homes and property again. And until things change, their uncaring and invasive businesses will continue to bother their neighbors.

This is why the neighbors have sued them. And the neighbors will win their case of nuisance.
Please book somewhere else where families do not live nearby.

And before anyone writes a 'rave' review, may i ask where you live? do you live next to a very noisy and irritating venue? if not, do not write. This is a complaint's board and should be just for that.

We neighbors thank you in advance.

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