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sparksmanufacturing322 June 26, 2018
Sandy Rowley in Reno is the real deal.
We launched our company 2 years ago in Sparks. Sales were ok, we reached out to a few local SEO companies and fell in love with Sandy Rowley. She spent well over an hour helping us to setup our analytics so we could get a better idea of what SEO work had been done with our last marketing guru. Turns out, not much of anything but a bunch of fake Facebook clicks. We took a chance and contracted Sandy for 3 months. I am 100% sold on her expertise. Our small company is in its 4th year now, thanks to a great part in Sandy's online marketing skills. Honesty, integrity and a hard work ethic generates results for our company. Sandy is the best. September 18, 2014
Go with your gut.
Sandy Rowley is an expert with a heart. We found on and on a whim asked if we could have 1 hour consulting time for free to help our software start up. Within one hour of posting online, Sandy Rowley, CEO of called us. She spent over an hour reviewing our pitch deck, business plan and marketing plan. We are now implementing her advice and are hopeful to be presenting our new and improved pitch deck to Silicon Valley investors next month. Before our talk, my partner and I spent a year trying to get an appointment with a reputable investor. Sandy is an Angel. We feel confident that we are now moving in the right direction and hope to start development next quarter. Rachel H. To Me it Counts 2014 June 20, 2014
Saved our business!
Nothing less than a miracle... I have owned several jewelry shops online for 3 years. Because of our great customer service and product lines, we often have repeat clientele. This past couple of months, we started to receive warning letters from some of our online marketplace shops. The warnings demanded we close down our jewelry shops because of copyright infringement. We were devastated and confused. There are hundreds of other shops online selling the same copyrighted jewelry materials. We decided to find a marketing and seo expert to help save our livelihood. That is where we found Sandy Rowley with Withing 5 minutes on the phone with her, we knew she was the one we would choose to work with. A month later, we doing doing better than ever. Because of Megastarmedia's strategic expertise in social media and internet marketing, we are now seeing double our monthly sales! All copyrighted materials have been changed to more profitable and trending jewelry items. For a small $3000 investment, our small jewelry shop businesses are now netting over 8k per month! Honesty, down to earth respect and friendliness go a long way too, especially when your under so much stress. Thank you Sandy Rowley and her team at We sincerely hope this review helps to shine light on your good works and results. God Bless... Matthew and Winny E. American Jewelry Curators
megastarreviews June 20, 2014
Megastar Media Review = WE LOVE YOU GUYS!
We are so lucky to have found you guys. Our new community is growing each week with the SEO consulting work Sandy put together for us. Her and her team flew out and trained our whole marketing department on SEO and Social Media Strategy. We are very grateful to have worked with such an outstanding company. June 17, 2014
Love Sandy Rowley and her guys @ Megastar
Tammy Finwall on May 16, 2014 Business Logo Designer, Logo Designs, Custom logo Sandy is the full marketing package. She is knowledgeable, talented, and kind. Sandy offers a complete marketing regimen to her clients; new or existing business owners can depend on her for help in presenting their product in an increasingly difficult market. I love, love, love my business logo. Thank you, Sandy :-)
fashionistablog June 17, 2014 and Sandy Rowley are a Game changer for my business!
Sandy is amazing and does quality work. She met all of my needs and answered every last question. I feel like working with her is a total game changer for my business. Thanks so much Sandy!
universityservicesinc June 17, 2014 Complaints
I want to personally thank and Sandy Rowley for all their help, patience and expertise over the past 5 years. Sandy is kind, helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to SEO, Social Networks, Hosting and Start-up advice. When we have a question related to anything in the online web world, is who we call. I can trust that we will get the information we needed as well as services she recommends for our growing business. I am very thankful for their help over these past 5 years. We are thriving and growing with their seo help. As a founder of a successful start-up, I have come to appreciate correct information as well as timely responses from my web developers. In the past, we would wait weeks before receiving a call back from our old web designers. With Megastar, usually we get an email the same day. I welcome any calls or emails and would be happy to explain more over the phone. Thank you again and Sandy Rowley. Marc D. University Services Inc.
mariusbentley January 10, 2014
Worked with Sandy Rowley and her team for over 11 years
Sandy Rowley is an outstanding person with a big heart. In all the years we have worked with her and her team, she has always been professional, helpful and friendly. Marius D.
Mooneyes December 30, 2013
Sandy Rowley Megastar Media Is A Fraud... Major Complaint!
In 2010 I commissioned Sandy Rowely, CEO of Megastar Media, to build a website for my nonprofit. She was engaging upon our initial meeting and so I paid her 3,000 dollars in cash to build my website. We began working and it started off pretty good until I noticed her behavior was a little irrational and peculiar; she would make comments that suggest my money was well below her standards, and she'd hint that I was not genuine since she saw a fox near my house. I was very generous to Sandy and invited her and her son to my home on several occasions. I provided her with free readings and tuning fork sessions, while we constructed plans for my website. After a short while, Sandy refused to work my website and didn't answer my phone calls for no apparent reason. I loss patience with her lack of professionalism and asked for a refund. Sandy refused to give me a full refund and began calling me names, mocking me and went about her way. I was so upset and shocked by this woman's lack integrity and blatent disrespect towards myself and my spiritual project. I waited patiently for Sandy to realize that she stole my money, and sure enough on June 23, 2012 Sandy contacted me via email and said, "I would like to start sending you money..." I responded, "it's a pleasure hearing from you...'" and proceeded to give her the information to my paypal account. On June 25,2012 Sandy sent 300.00 dollars to my paypal account and I thanked her for being honest. We exchanged kind words back and forth via email over the months and on February 8,2013 Sandy emailed me and said, "FYI, money is rolling in again and within the next month I can send you more..." On April 3,2013 my husband was killed and I thought it was perfect timing when Sandy sent 100.00 dollars via paypal On April 15,2013. I was in deep mourning and her payment made me feel good about her honesty. I emailed Sandy and said, "thanks Sandy, I appreciate your kind gesture." Six months passed and I didn't hear anything from Sandy, so on October 18, 2013 I emailed her and said, "hi Sandy, I haven't received any more payments... my husband passed away six months ago...I really appreciate your attempts to repay me. Take care." Sandy responded, "sorry to hear about your loss. The last time I sent a payment, you seemed upset by it. I took money I needed for food to give to you..." I was beyond confused and was still grieving over my loss, so I threw my hands up with trying to deal with this lady rationally. She simply made something up about me in her head, again, to justify her keeping the money she owes me. I began to send emails, demanding she refund my money and Sandy has not responded thus far. I sincerely believe Sandy is a racist, liar and theif and will take advantage of anyone who allows it. On December 11, 2013 I finally received a response from Sandy Rowley, and she was even more unethical than I could've imagined. Sandy flat out lied about our initial agreement concerning my commissioned website. This shady shark stated that the 3,000 dollars cash I paid her for my project was actually a deposit... Unbelievable!!! Sandy went on to say that I owe her money. I emailed Sandy back and said, if that was true why in the world would you refund some of my money via my paypal account. I have proof that Sandy did attempt to repay me but got a little greedy and stopped on April 15, 2013. Sandy Rowley also stooped to an all time low when she attached an email directed at me, to a BBB representative, mocking me over the tragic death of my husband. I guess she felt that my husband's hardship was a reflection of me, and was something she could taunt me over... what a sad, ignorant woman. I realize that Sandy will do and say anything for a buck and so folks better keep a distance. If anyone is in need of a good, honest website or social media designer, don't consider Sandy Rowley of Megastar Media because she's looking out for herself and not her clients. I would definitely advise African-Americans to look elsewhere because she's proven that she'll respect either wealthy or famous black folks and that's it! So, if Sandy Rowley is reading this, I have a bit of spiritual advice, "the universe is abundant, so stop scamming honest people out of their money... do us all a favor and quit your day job!"
marcusgr December 14, 2013
Sandy Rowley Megastar Media No Complaints!
Sandy Rowley and the team at Megastar Media has been awesome from the very beginning. Marcus G.

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