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jgonzalezbelle September 4, 2017
Burn quarter pounder
Not good
HollyAllen April 24, 2017
Customer service
Our family recently went to the McDonals at 4443 West Kennedy Ave (store #1155) and received excellent customer service from everyone there. I would particularly like to highlight a young man named Howard that helped us in the drive thru. He was extremely profession and polite but mostly my young son loved their converstation. He rides in the back seat and Howard was friendly and funny to him. I'm sure he is a great asset to his team and helped us have a great day. Please pass this along to Howard for us. Thank you
skeetersdad March 21, 2016
Asked to leave
I drive a stretch limo and I went to the Mcdonalds #4801 because of the length of my vehicle I had to park across 4 spots the 12 people I was with went in and later I did when I got in after I ordered the asst manager came and asked if that was my car and told me to leave that I could not take up 4 spaces there was at least 15 other empty spaces around the lot I asked where I should park he said her is your money just leave I had to leave my clients and told them to walk across the street to meet me they were not happy (cost me a tip) most places give the driver a free meal if they bring in 12 customers instead I got thrown out
Angry_Worker February 2, 2011
Ive been an employee for caspers for allmost a year now, and just recently noticed when i got my w-2 that NO federal taxes were being withheld in 2010! WHY. Apperently i wasnt making enought money SO caspers took it upon themselfs to NOT take the taxes out, so now instead of my FAMILY RECEIVING A TAX REFUND! which we desperatly needed, we have TO PAY! ALOT...
When i recieve my check stubs i see money being taken out (fica and ss) didnt think that either one of those wasnt the federal tax that SHOULD have been taken out! THIS IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT AND UNETHICALL AND QUITE SNEAKY IF YOU ASK ME.
My pay rate has not changed at all, but this year (2011) my check stub shows federal income taxes being withheld! HMMMMMMMMM now i wonder if soooo many ppl called caspers main officee complaining about this that they decided to do the right thing! i will be calling the IRS and complaing as well. i urge all of you to boycott caspers mcdonalds and all it affiliates! its wrong what they did in this economy. and they shouldnt be making billions of dollars doing it!

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