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soldout June 15, 2011
Unprofessional DMCI Property Consultant
I would like to share my experiences in behalf of everyone who has been involved in secondary property buying investment and who couldn't get away with it because it was too late. I found out about Mayfield Park Residences from a Pre-Need Life Insurance agent who has been a long time friend of my parents. No lie about it, the place is beautiful and it was situated just between the borderline of Cainta, Rizal and Rosario, Pasig. I decided to buy it thinking it was a good investment. It was even when Ondoy had hit us. We have not experienced any account shortage and the rent keeps on going.

Besides being a licensed broker, the main reason why I can't stand having my property being leased out or being sold by DMCI Agents is because of one particular agent, Mangaser (* not her real name). True, before I even have thought of buying a unit at Mayfield Park Residences, Linda was already a consultant and a good one she is and it usually depends on how you see it. She can really teach you things. First, service is more important that actual sale. Well, you can plainly see that with her. During the time when I was fully booked. I certainly tried her services. Linda makes sure you feel right at home and it shows especially when you are collecting pay from your old friend and client. If its check payments, Linda cannot accept it and if you are late and want to make sure that you can pay her for her unit (she makes you think that she owns it), well, here's what she said: WHY IS THE PAYMENT DELAYED, I NEED MY MONEY FOR MY GROCERIES. One might never know what happen to the rental payment. Of course, the unit owner must not be aware of it or are we certainly sure that there really is a unit owner?

About 60% of DMCI Mayfield Park Residences condo units are in fact FORECLOSED PROPERTIES. This is for the fact that DMCI Property Consultants failed to be the better first line of defense and just kept on accepting buyers even if THEY DON'T HAVE THE CAPACITY TO PAY. So, many property owners don't get to use their properties. IN FACT, THEY DON'T SEE THEM AT ALL. This particular Mangaser consultant just made use of these properties for her profit.

Everybody likes a good Mangaser (a sort of tagalog word for nang-aasar or badgering). So, if ever you do meet a DMCI Consultant, its really up to you whether you'd trust one.

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