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John Sydney April 28, 2011
Frieda R. Young
Frieda R. Young at Match Makers for Singles claims to be an Old World Matchmaker. In reality she is nothing more than a con artist. Frieda claims to have a database full of eligible men or women who meet your criteria. Once you've paid her she has no one for you to meet. If she does introduce you to someone, they are either in a committed relationship or married. She has one goal and one goal in mind--get as much money into her hands as quickly as possible. Once she has your money she might introduce you to someone who is not remotely close to what you've said you are looking for. She basically convinces a woman or man (any one--it doesn't matter) to meet with you, knowing full well that they are not available or interested. This is the most worthless matchmaker out there. You would be well advised to avoid this company at all costs.

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