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MayBrown September 20, 2018
I order essays always from the time I became a student. Every time i use other sites to find the best one . About this could say that they wrote good but not always in time . So i found the site which is good at everything is the best one.
Jen1357 June 11, 2011
Essay writing scammers
I have been ill for some time and so very close to nearing a degree. Although I had tried writing my essay, I thought it was not good enough and so contracted with the above mentioned writing companies to write my essay. BIG MISTAKE! You have to realise I would never consider it if I wasn;t so ill. Their work was appalling! Not only did they send back substandard work, their spelling, grammar, punctuation etc was terrible. I could not get any satisfaction from them at all, so wrote the work myself, as I should have done in the first place! Be warned - if you are ill, ask for an extension rather than risk substandard work!
It has shown me I will never go through these companies again - be warned that they do not use English speaking people either and so they submit to you work that is very confusing to understand. It has taught me a lesson! Once these companies get the money out of you they don;t care at all what happens next - oh, they are full of excuses etc, but they only care about money - they are con artist taking advantage of people who may be undergoing some sort of difficulty.
Keep your money and write your own essay - better to submit it late than to have a paper that is way below your standard, unless of course, your standard is rock bottom!

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