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2312 Toms Creek Rd, Marion, North Carolina, United States

Phone number: 1 - 8 2 8 - 7 2 4 - 9 2 4 6

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puppymillsneed2beshutdown June 7, 2011
Puppy Mill
Running a contest because she is a puppy mill is the true fact and trying to overcome her bad name what is of the truth and is written all over the world and internet about her and is in fact no lies. So sad for all these un-vaccinated dogs and puppies that are on this puppy mill farm living in kennels. please buy from this lady to rescue these poor animals but when you buy from her only offer $200.00 at the most and ask for a guarantee that covers everything included with the puppy at that price for 2 years at least being there are very sick dogs dead dogs all over the place at this kennel house that has numerous dogs and only 1 person that cares for them. Look at their well being when you go out to this farm you will see what I mean. Dogs filthy never bathed smell like feces and urine knots on them hanging to the ground with gnats all in their fur. drinking dirty water out of green black-green mold plastics. what a mess this place is. make sure you show up there without an appointment you will see it all for yourself. Dear God rescue all these poor animals.

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