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d-man June 2, 2010
they still own me some money
I found the company by ALIBABA.COM, i need eveningdresses, the offered me some dresses stock left overs, which I agreed, because of the good price.
I paid for all the dresses in andvance by western union, the first dresses arrived without any problem, however, after that I still had to recieve 4 parcels, they never came, they said that is whas the fault of the delivery company, which is possible, but that is not my problem!
They still own me 1800EURO, the promised me to pay me back, every day they said that they did the transfer allready, this like 2 months ago now. I tell you those guys are scammers, they sounds very nice, they pretend that they are good people! But they don't!!! I can send you ALL the proves that you can see how they make there clients rediculous.
I am a young entrepreneur who needs every euro to make it in life, they steal from honest people
I called them houndred times, no-one aswer the phone
there names are SUNIL RAWAL-ARUN RAWAL and the guy who is on the chat pretends taht he's name is PANDIT
I don't believe a word they saying
Untill I 've got my money back, I swear I start a campagne to stop them!!!

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