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Mala Singh from Sama Models got arrested Reviews

trueme7 May 31, 2011
Mala Singh from Sama Models for arrested for abuse and assault against model
Mala Singh known for being a pimp in the South Asian community in Toronto, is often seen with business men and is known to supply young girls around (18 to 26 years in age) to frustrated indian business men. She is a Guyanese who tries very hard to act indian ... Anyways, not saying that there is anything bad in that, but pimping in the community being a Guyanese, by taking Pakistani and Indian as well as Afghani girls to get paid for hanging out with Indian men as well as asking them to sleep with them. Not only that when actors like Akshay Kumar and a few others come from India to Canada, then she is in the front line supplying women every night. Then in return her girls get cheap roles of playing prostitutes and side roles which are 2 minutes in movies... But this time Mala Singh crossed the line, she actually threatened one of her ex- models who had left her precisely for the very reason of her pimping her rather than giving her modeling assignments...
So Mala Singh walked into an audition this girl was doing with another person, trespassed, abused the man who was taking the video and called this girl a whore. She was upset as this girl was now doing what Mala once intended to do, and that was open a modeling agency for the South Asian community. So Mala was upset and got scared that since people already dont like her they may join one of her ex models and hence the industry will grow.
Now Mala came with her gay husband who she has cheated on many times, wile Ray Singh used to wait for her in the hotel in the lobby and she would be busy with some director or ugly old fart having sex with him. Poor Ray, must be knowing this, but what to do, he knows that his Mala is a one of a kind. And funny thing is that they have two daughters... Mala Mala Mala ... this lady never stops... she is so shameless that she wont. She wont pay people, enjoy vacations with other people's money and show her horrible clown like smile in all photos.
Anyways, back to the story of how this pimp got arrested. She then started abusing this ex model of hers calling her a prostitute, cheap, a no body. And then she said that she will kill her, if she did anything like this again, and accused her of stealing her models... Well those were the magic words. So obviously, the police was called and Mala Singh was arrested and taken to the station, where she was held for the night. She must be shitting in her pants... and crying her crocodile tears... and yes there is a case against her for assault and attempted harm and slander.

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