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girltalk June 9, 2011
False Advertising/No refund
I adopted a dog based on the bio on,, and what I was verbally told by Magnificent Mutts. The dog I adopted was listed as 3.5 years old and housebroken. According to my vet, the dog was less than a year old. This was also apparent in the dogs very white and healthy teeth. The dog was also NOT housebroken. It chewed on things, (like a puppy does!), relieved itself, both #1 and #2, in the house and didn't know any commands. This dog was doing damage to my house so I brought her back and the owner of Magnificent Mutts, Linda Latelle, said they would have to put to her sleep!!! She wanted me to keep the dog 4 more nights over a holiday weekend. The rescue knew I did not have a crate and was not going to spend more money for a situation I was absolutely misled in. The dog was re-listed on their website and Petfinder as being between 1-2 years old and will need A LOT of training!!! Clearly, one of these advertisements was incorrect, but Linda will not take any responsibility for this or for the damage caused to me by this. I was asking only for a partial refund based on the wrong information given to me. I paid $225 adoption fee, vet costs, carpet cleaning cost and disposal of items chewed because the dog I adopted was falsely advertised.

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