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Marcus Couto May 20, 2011
Magazines not being delivered
I ordered a subsctription of 2 magazines on late November / 2010 that were supposed to start being delivered around late February 2011. On March, 4th 2011 I submitted a complaint through their customer service saying that I had not received any magazine so far. Then they replied saying that "there was a problem with the electronic file" that they needed to send to the "fulfillment house" and that I should have to wait for the whole process again. Now it's May 19th 2011, I have submitted 3 more complaints through their web site and haven't got a single answer so far. I also can't find an agent on their help desk to talk to... It's been almost 1/2 a year since I have payed for the magazines and I still haven't received anything! That is just unacceptable! I need to know when (exactly) the magazines are going to start being delivered to may house or at least to have my credit card payment cancelled.

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