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30 North Street Manorville NY 11949, Manorville, New York, United States

Phone number: 631-513-6159

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IrateMama April 29, 2011
Sold Sick Dog & Refusing to help
We bought our beautiful corgi Lily on Saturday April 23, 2011 from a breeder named Bernadette Garcia. During our visit she was very nice, talked a good talk, pretty much was a great sales woman. We brought our puppy home and she was very lethargic, which we chalked up to depression from leaving her brothers/sisters. Unfortunately Lily grew very ill Sunday, not even 24 hours after we brought her home. We rushed her to the vet the next day, as good parents would, and to our surprise Lily was ill with parasites, was dehydrated, has a yeast infection in her eye and is extremely lethargic. We have Lily for 6 days so far and have been at the vet a total of 5 times. I called the breeder asking her for some help, she insisted I return the dog for a refund. Anyone who owns a pet knows that there is a love and bond formed, and I REFUSE to return my Lily. My fiance and I want to nurse her back to health, she is our baby now. During a heated conversation with Bernadette she insisted I bring back HER dog and told me that I am killing the dog. I have done nothing but take the best care of my girl. Later that evening she left me a nasty/threatening text. BUYER BEWARE, SHE HAS NO INTEREST IN HER DOGS RATHER INTEREST IN MAKING MONEY. SHE IS A LIAR, LYING SEVERAL TIMES DURING OUR CONVERSATION ABOUT HOW THE DOG HAS BEEN TO THE VET AND IS HEALTHY. I called her vet and to our surprise her vet has NEVER seen any of the puppies. One lie after another. A good breeder would want to help make the puppy better, a good breeder WOULD HAVE brought the puppy to a vet. She said she hopes I get whats coming to me and that she wishes she never met me, perhaps because I have exposed the type of person she is. I love Lily and we will get what is coming to us, our Lily will make a full recovery and she will be with us as our family grows. BEWARE!

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